This week we get a visit from our old pal, Old Pal. I’ve reviewed their pre-ground shareable flower before but this strain is a bit different. Don’t worry, it’s still shareable! Just not ground up for you. Similar to their Hybrid strain, which I’ve also reviewed. Want to know how their Skywalker OG stands up to others of its kind? Keep on reading.


I got this strain for a super great deal through Kushagram delivery service. The experience was quick and painless as usual. I got 14 grams of Skywalker OG for $60! The first thing I noticed about this purchase is that each 1/8 came packaged in their own reinforced ziploc sachet. Old Pal is different from other breeders/cannabis companies that I’ve encountered before. Their innovation and vision for the cannabis world is derived from the original sharing mentality of the weed community.


The Skywalker OG strain did not come pre-ground. I was enthusiastic about this discovery because I found the pre-ground flower a bit too messy for in-home rolling. The pre-ground flower was an ingenious idea, but the execution just wasn’t good enough for me. The Skywalker OG strain has a variety of small to medium-sized nugs that are fluffy and crumble quite easily with the hands. I don’t think a grinder is necessary with a soft strain like this. If you have one, by all means, use it! If you don’t, don’t run out and buy one. It’s not that serious.


Old Pal’s Skywalker OG contains 18.11% THC. The effects of the Skywalker OG strain from Old Pal leaves consumers feeling mellow, relaxed, alert, yet unfocused on insignificant things and unbothered by unprovoked stressors or anxiety. The high from a strain with a medium high THC level like this one is super mellow compared to one with a slightly higher THC content like OG Butterfly, for example. It doesn’t make you feel like your eyelids are getting heavy and your body is becoming one with whatever surface you’re resting on. It’s more of a sensation of muscle and mind relaxation. Some medical uses for this strain include stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, lack of appetite, and minor aches and pains. I had a stomachache during the week and this strain cured it within 15 minutes! Instead of reaching for over the counter medications, give the Skywalker OG strain a try for a holistic option to heal a variety of ailments. A wide range of consumers can find a beneficial use for the Skywalker OG strain.


Overall, Skywalker OG is a pretty fault-proof strain. It’s great for when you want something that won’t be too overpowering but still gets the job done. It’s light and mellow, but has an underlying potency that will relax your mind and body. I like the convenience of the Old Pal products and don’t feel like I’m just getting tiny nugs for the money I’m paying. The Skywalker OG strain worth checking out, especially for moderate consumers. This is a great option for anyone who like productive highs or mid-day smoke sessions where its not exactly appropriate to be super high but still want to feel that sense of relaxation and calm.

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