Ice cream cake is usually the last dessert I think of when it’s cold out, but sometimes a little frozen treat in winter is just what the doctor ordered. Island Co.’s Ice Cream Cake strain is perfect for any time and anywhere. Its mellow effects coupled with its mild aroma and gentle smoke make for a match made in cannabis heaven!



Ice Cream Cake is a hybrid strain that results from a rare cross between Gelato and Wedding Cake. The Ice Cream Cake strain that I got is by Island Co. Island Co. is owned by a company called Carousel Bay, LLC. According to their website, Carousel Brands is a leading manufacturer of fully-compliant cannabis and CBD consumer packaged goods in California. They possess a cultivation network of over 35 farms along with high quality, in house designed equipment that ensures a consistent and beyond exceptional product that the cannabis community has grown to expect and love.
Currently, the Ice Cream Cake strain is going for $35/eighth via the Kushagram delivery service. I got a quarter for $70 which is not a bad deal. It’s standard East Coast pricing even though we’re in California. The quality is as great as you’d expect for something packaged in a fancy little glass jar.


Island Co. packages their flower in study glass jars labeled with all pertinent info like THC and CBD content, harvest date, and more! The batch that I got had a THC content of 17.15% and a CBD content of 0.03%. I can even see the date that it was packaged and compare that with the date I purchased it to see how fresh it truly is. It’s a really nice touch that of course is a standard of California law. The artwork on the front also just screams California. It’s a palm tree with a sunset background. The color blue used for the overall background also reminds me of certain beaches in California.


The effects of Island Co.’s Ice Cream Cake strain leave consumers feeling relaxed, slightly tired, focused, and unbothered. The pros outweigh the cons with this strain. The only major con I could think of was the insane cotton mouth I got after consuming this strain. It was almost like I’d eaten a peanut butter sandwich with nothing to drink. The dry mouth was sensationally horrible. I’ve never gotten up for water so quickly in my life. Be warned. Otherwise, Ice Cream Cake holds up to the standard their company is putting up. Some medical uses for the Ice Cream Cake strain include stress, ADHD, anxiety, and more!


Ice Cream Cake is the perfect strain for all day use. It doesn’t slow the user down or inhibit critical thinking and manages to increase overall relaxation, focus, and energy. You should try Island Co.’s Ice Cream Cake if you want a productive, yet heavily relaxing and intoxicating high. You get what you pay for and this is a solid 8.5/10. Island Co. has a keeper on its hands and I forsee the imminent longevity of this classic and rare indica dominant hybrid cross between Wedding Cake and Gelato.

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