OG Dragonfly is an indica strain immediately caught my attention. With a name like that, it better be some pressure. I got tired of smoking just the Stiiizy with my OG Kush Rainbow cartridge and really wanted to mix it up. OG Dragonfly was the perfect way to accomplish that. It was a great deal as well and you guys are sure to love it! A great deal combined with a great product is tough to beat.


OG Dragonfly is an indica dominant cannabis strain with top quality yields. I got my batch of OG Dragonfly as part of the weekend deals from Kushagram delivery service. I was able to get 7 grams for $50. The batch that I got tested at 23% THC and 0.08% CBD. OG Dragonfly is a strain by Canna Trust. Their products are distributed by Humboldt. According to their website, Canna Trust is a white label cultivator with Trusty Distribution which only works with licensed manufacturers and farms. All products are packaged and tested according to California standards. Trusty Distribution distributes a variety of products from their partners including flower, concentrates, joints, and they even sell flower in bulk. Their strains include Cherry Gelato Keylime, Ultra Violence, Sour Lemon Skunk, Orange Apricot, and more!


The OG Dragonfly strain comes packaged in your standard childproof pouches in pre-measured out eighths. The package comes decorated with Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ as the background with Canna Trust’s logo and the name “Dreamy Indica”. The bud itself comes in a range of medium to large sized nugs. The nugs aren’t all the same color, some displaying a deep green hue and others seeming much lighter with only a few haphazardly placed dark green leaves. OG Dragonfly is sticky and dense with nugs that want to cling together. A grinder is best recommended for this bud to get the most out of your money. Otherwise, just break it up as fine as you can with your hands. It leaves a slight sticky residue on your fingers with a light dusting of kief.


The effects come on gradually. Halfway through my first experience with OG Dragonfly, I started to think maybe somewhere in those labs they messed up to call this 23% THC. Before I was even done I thought, “I might need another blunt.” I was incredibly mistaken. OG Dragonfly is a creeper that gently rocks the consumer into a deep, cerebral and physical high. This strain makes consumers feel relaxed, creative, calm, focused, tired, but overall quite good. This strain is incredibly strong and would work as an aid for pain, sports related injuries, stress, ADHD, depression, and lack of appetite.


I would definitely try this strain again. Every detail was well thought out and executed. Everything from the packaging to what was inside surpassed my expectations. The art on the package was a nice touch not often incorporated in the cannabis community. Overall, OG Dragonfly by Canna Trust is an outstanding product and I highly recommend anyone from newbies to veteran consumers to try it out.

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