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We made it to the last month of 2019, stargazers! December! This year has been one of transformations and ever ebbing tides for all of us. We have been using cannabis for our own purposes and trying to make the right choices. Hopefully, you’ve tried a lot of new and interesting strains, methods, and maybe sought inspiration from the stars in how you intake cannabis. December is a big month for many of us, and not only is the year coming to a close, but the decade as well. While meditating and enjoying your cannabis this month, take the time to reflect on how you’ve grown the last 10 years, and how you want to grow in the next! Look beyond the stars and into yourself, but please minimize your stress and make yourself a priority. That said, here are my stargazing-inspired strains for you to try out!


Gemini’s themes: Researching different means of investment, making financial plans, getting money and economic house in order, looking at making a large expense, budgeting accordingly.

Strains to try: Space Queen is the trippy strain for those who don’t like to be hamstrung by too intense of a high. Feel your productive and creative peak without any extra jitters.


Cancer’s themes: Relationship deepening, feeling of genuine commitment, advancing not only in personal relationships, but at work, and seeing rewards for making good impressions.

Strains to try: Banana is tasty and sweet, while bringing your mood to a joyful level, perfect for sending the right vibes when trying to make a connection.


Leo’s themes: More relationship opportunities for depth will present themselves, important job opportunities as well, expanding your business and improving mental and physical health.

Strains to try: Tangie keeps me going when I just want to stop, with a great cerebral high ideal for workouts and partying. That nice fruity flavor is a great touch, as well.


Virgo’s themes: Love in your family, and thoughts of eventually growing it, whether it be sooner than later, or not at all, a thought may persist, but also fun and going out, explorations in career.

Strains to try: Afgoo is a subtle and connective strain that amps up emotional feelings of love and warmth. If you’re getting close and cuddle, Afgoo can turn the heat up even more.


Libra’s themes: Home changes and upgrades, improvements to the domestic space, ever-sought-after family peace and harmony in the home. Especially amidst holiday stress.

Strains to try: Lemon Kush is one of those amazing anxiety-slaying strains that keeps worries in a reasonable perspective. When the pressure of family visiting, reorganization, and checking off that to do list, Lemon Kush is there for you.

Scorpio’s themes: Travel and adventure, a new form of transport, and getting to new places in new ways, talking to new people, perhaps listening to a mind-opening podcast en route.

Strains to try: Chocolope is one of those earthy, action-ready strains that boosts the mood and energy levels, opening your eyes to a world of possibility!

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