Our friends from the Buddha Company are back but this time I’m reviewing their hybrid full gram joint. The Buddha Company kindly gifted me this preroll but all opinions in this article are mine and unbiased. If you’ve been reading our articles for a while you know I’m not typically a fan of anything prerolled. Last time I had a great experience with their indica full gram joint and was excited to give the hybrid a try! Want to know how it stacks up against its competitors? Keep on reading to find out!


The Buddha Company is a posh boutique dispensary in the heart of the fashion district in downtown LA with a second location in the Arts District. The Buddha Company was kind enough to gift me with this hybrid full gram preroll. I’ve previously tried and reviewed their indica version of this full gram joint and absolutely loved it! That experience gave me high hopes and even higher expectations for the hybrid full gram joint. Buddha Company is your source for premium flower, extracts, edibles, topicals, CBD and other cannabis wellness products.


The full gram joint from Buddha Co. comes packaged in a plastic tube labeled with info like batch ID, package date, and THC content. The THC content is listed as 20.75% for the hybrid, which is significantly higher than their indica full gram joint. I was a bit apprehensive to smoke the whole thing due to this difference but was pleasantly surprised that the whole experience was somewhat a gentle rollercoaster. I wanted my opinion of this joint to be unadulterated so I hadn’t smoked any other flower the whole day. I sporadically used my Bloom DART but that was it. The Buddha Company’s hybrid full gram joint was the perfect way to wind down after the workday. This was a slow building high that resonated the most an hour after consumption. The joint smoked evenly to end at which point I wished it had continued. You ever look at a finished joint with sadness? Yeah, me neither.


The effects of The Buddha Co.’s hybrid full gram joint leave consumers feeling super hungry, moderately lazy, highly relaxed, and completely stress free! This joint was so good that I ordered a pizza from Domino’s at 9pm when according to good old Google I haven’t visited their website since April of last year, if that tells you anything. Some medical uses for this strain include stress, anxiety, lack of appetite, depression, insomnia, and minor aches and pains. This full gram joint is versatile and would be useful for a variety of people with different concerns. Try it out and see how it works best for you and how you can incorporate the Buddha Co full gram hybrid joint into your regular routine.


I highly recommend this product to anyone that is a fan of cannabis but wants something much more portable and discreet than traditional flower. With this full gram joint from Buddha Co. don’t cry when it’s over; smile because it happened. Then, maybe get another one. Don’t forget some take out or snacks for afterwards!

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