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We made it to the last month of 2019, stargazers! December! This year has been one of transformations and ever ebbing tides for all of us. We have been using cannabis for our own purposes and trying to make the right choices. Hopefully, you’ve tried a lot of new and interesting strains, methods, and maybe sought inspiration from the stars in how you intake cannabis. The holidays can create lots of financial, business, and personal stress. Many of us are feeling the pressures of wrapping up the quarterly year, gifting for family or just keeping the heat on. Tempers can be short and the expectations of the season are upon us. That said, I deeply encourage looking finding the right strain for you to make this as pleasant a holiday season as we all deserve.


Sagittarius’ themes: Creating more income to deal with money stress, capitalizing on financial opportunities, building self esteem, persuasion, new partners in business and life.

Strains to try: A classic, focused sativa like Jack Herer might keep you on the right track. But don’t abandon your need to deal with all that stress- a balanced hybrid like Sunset Sherbet to calm those money-frayed nerves.


Capricorn’s’ themes: Good blessings and fortunes, sudden unexpected rewards, love from lots of individuals in your life, positive outlooks, and goal manifestation.

Strains to try: Larry OG is happy and relaxed hybrid, just the celebratory tone you’re seeking, while not keeping you too tired from reaching toward your goals with its mental focus.


Aquarius’ themes: Following your gut and intuition, knowing to trust your instinct, empathy and attention to others, showing love and support and deep care to those close to you.

Strains to try: Pineapple is a classic, sweet hybrid, perfect for those times when you need to lean on others. The uplifted calm can settle any doubts you may be experiencing about yourself.


Pisces’ themes: Social connections, networking, togetherness, so many parties that you’ll love to go to and arrange, completing goals, romance and privacy when you have the time.

Strains to try: Chemdawg is the happy hybrid that steers more toward the productive vibe, which you’ll need amidst the bustling about you’ll be doing. Hit this one in small doses though, as a strong high might not be the right mindset for certain talks.


Aries’ themes: Work success, recognition for your hard work and a promotion on the horizon, pride and ambition to wrap up the year, exploration of love and open options.

Strains to try: Chernobyl is a working strain, good for stimulating the mind to give you that next great idea. Endurance and energy are important to keep up with all your personal and professional work.


Taurus’ themes: Adventure and travel, movement around your area, trying new things, making plans for seeing new places in 2020.

Strains to try: Cannalope Haze is that intriguer, that imagination match to your adventuring flame, in this period of new growth. Getting away from the comforts of home might require that extra creative spark to get the plans rolling.

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