Workout: Aerobics

You’ll want high energy, happiness, optimum bounce and attitude. Get ready to dance and move and add attitude, but also tense every muscle and get the limbs comfortable and fluid.

Pre-workout strain: Durban Poison.

This was in my vape and hit right before I took a Jazzercise class with my mom, and we had a great time, I kept up with the rest of the class while breaking a hard sweat. It was perfect for the activity level with the right amount of added enthusiasm.

Post-workout strain: Girl Scout Cookies for that sweet taste and gentle muscle relaxation that won’t stifle the waves of adrenaline too much.


Workout: Weightlifting

You need a strain that pumps up the energy, but not in a rushed way- you want the muscles relaxed and primed, but ultimate focus for honing in on each lift.

Pre-workout strain: Green Crack.

For me, Green Crack pulls in intensity and focus, while eliminating regular day-to-day stress. Going into a good weight lifting session depends highly on the right mindset and mood, so I like this strain for that perfect mindset to pull off as many reps until failure. And failing won’t even make you feel bad!

Post-workout strain: Blue Dream will permeate every cell and muscle fiber with a direct shot of melty relaxation. For weight lifters especially, including a strain into your stretch regime post-lifting should get those limbs loosened up after a hard burn.


Workout: HIIT Training

This is where I look for the highest-energy strain possible, really trying to burn out with each interval till exhaustion. The point of Hi-Intensity-Interval-Training is not to pace yourself, but to go absolutely all out in your effort.

Pre-workout strain: Sour Cheese

This would be my ideal strain because it shuts down those parts of the brain that might fill you with doubt, apprehension, and a general bad mood about getting into a super heavy workout. Because you’re using ALL of your potential energy, you want the mind kept away from distractions and the body easily ready to jump up and squat low to your hardest level possible.

Post-workout strain: Cannatonic

You can get uplifted into positivity post-focused workout with Cannatonic. The large levels of CBD is great for pain relief after a high-impact workout where your legs are shaking. It will remove most of that discomfort as soon as you hit it.


Workout: Yoga

Yoga is tricky, because you think you want to smoke an indica to optimize relaxation, yet I’ve made the mistake of a pre-yoga blunt, only to fall into a deep and embarrassing nap as soon as as the instructor calls out Shavasana, aka Corpse Pose. Instead, you want to hit that balance of bodily relaxation for the limbs, with mental calm to meditate as you breathe.

Pre-workout strain: Great White Shark

Great White Shark has a good physical effect of increasing fluidity in movement and lessening pain symptoms. If you’re entering a yoga class especially tight, you could be risking further injury. So a few hits from this deep-sea strain should get you primed for stretching.

Post-workout strain: Sweet Kush

This one can get a little intense, but to add this heavy-hitter as another layer of total body-chill after an already relaxing yoga class will be a double whammy. Use both strains in moderation to not have a repeat of my yoga-class nap.


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