When I went to the dispensary before this first holiday break of the season, I knew I would need a whole gram cartridge to take with me to last the week prior as well as the weekend. I knew I wanted a sativa or sativa-dominant hybrid, since I was good on a stoney high from the strong edible cookies I made to bring. Between those big bites for any stress and priming my appetite, I wanted a vape to hit for a euphoric, mood-elevating high. ‘Tis the season, right? I went with a cartridge of Durban Poison suggested by the budtender.

I’ve been happy with myself these last few visits to the dispensary, I’ve left with confidence about the vapes I bought. Talking to budtenders about their testing policies is always good if you’re uncertain, but here are a few brands that you can count on that will have absolutely none of the potentially lethal vitamin-e acetate, and I’ve made sure to ask about testing on all my vape purchases.

ORGANX cannabis vapes, which I only was able to find at Exotics Dispensary in Los Angeles, is a tested, California, organic unflavored product with a subtle, natural taste and aroma. The budtender told me a lot of her friends were not fans of ORGANX because of the lack of flavoring, which has been so toxic. I personally don’t need anything to taste like gummy worms, I just need a smooth high and unobjectionable taste. This cartridge hit those important qualifications, and even better, has been subtle enough smelling to hit with discretion in my mom’s living room, or in the smoke-free streets of downtown Grass Valley and Nevada City, despite signs that discourage the very act. Oops. Yet, this is why we love vapes- the ability to consume cannabis easily, almost anywhere, without disturbing others.

In flower form, Durban Poison is usually fruity and sweet, and with no additives in this vape was a good choice for its lack of classic weed aromatics. I mostly wanted an active daytime strain, ideal for productivity and balancing my social energy. It’s important for me to have a strain that can pick up a mood to have a better conversation, and increase social energy for those who are limited on it. I definitely enjoy the elation a few hits would bring out. The vape was right for hitting subtly on bar patios in conversation with new and old friends, and outside the airport before taking off on daytime flights, getting work done in the terminal. A thoughtful, lively, but not wired strain. As always, dose gradually, especially with sativas, to avoid any anxiety. But don’t forget that the best laughs, in my opinion, also come from sativas, so don’t discount them!

I’d like to try the rest of ORGANX’s strains, and since Exotics is right down the street, I’ll see how well the rest of their vapes fare. For this week though, despite my trepidation at not getting my usual middle-of-the-road hybrid, going with the airy and delightful Durban Poison.


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