I decided to take a drive into Portland, Oregon the other day and boy, was I surprised by all the new strains I was seeing. Slowly but surely, new flavors are making their way into the local scene and I’ve been noticing some very interesting ones. This was the case last week when I found a new strain in the Starboy Badder from Beehive Extracts out of Portland, in collaboration with Three Flavor Farms out of Salem, Oregon for $18 USD. This was the first time I had seen or even heard of this particular strain so I was beyond excited to give her a spin. I love anytime I get to try an unknown strain as it’s like seeing a movie at a Private Premier. Now, I’d love to provide you some strain lineage on the Starboy but sadly there is none but from what the Budtender told me, it appears she is some sort of brand new cross of Stardawg but the facts are, it’s still a total mystery.


I decided to go with my Mobius Stereo Matrix Bubbler for this session and upon opening the jar I was met with nice notes of diesel and pine. As for the appearance, the Starboy was a beautiful golden batter that had the consistency of putty and was very easy to work with. I grabbed a healthy-sized dab and as soon as the Starboy Badder hit the Quartz Banger, I was instantly able to feel her nice stone that hit me right in the forehead. I wouldn’t call the Starboy devastating, but it was heavy and had me baked for a solid two hours which I was impressed with for a Badder. When it came to my chronic neck and back pain, this stuff did the trick as I was relaxed and ache free. As for Starboy’s flavor, I truly enjoyed the bouquet of pine and gas that stayed on my tongue well after exhale and with a massive Terpene content of 13.89%, I guess it was to be expected.
Overall, I was very impressed with the Starboy Badder especially at its price point of under $20 Dollars. In terms of her taste and pungency, the Starboy Badder was delicious and a wonderful profile of Jet Fuel and Woody notes which dazzled my palate so I gave her a score of 9.4/10. When it came to her stoniness, this is where the Starboy shined as she had me fully ripped and relaxed for a solid two hours. All my pains and ailments where virtually non-existent so for that reason I gave the Starboy Badder a score of 9.2/10. At the end of the day, this was a wonderful sample that I really enjoyed for the price and I would highly recommend you pick some up if see her on a shelf near you.


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