I must be getting lucky these days as it seems like every time I walk into a dispensary, I’m finding brand new unknown strains on the shelves are complete mysteries. This was again the case the other day when I found the THEZ Flash Frozen Live Resin from Bobsled Extracts out of Portland, Oregon for $20 USD a gram. After much discussion and Googling with the Budtender along with a fellow customer, none of us had any clue where this strain originated from. The only thing I can say with any complete certainty was that when the employee opened the jar, it filled the entire shop with a skunky odor I hadn’t smelled in quite a while so I threw down the money without any hesitation.
I decided to go with my Toro Glass Bubbler for this ride and upon opening the container at home I was once again hit smack dab in the face with heavy notes of Skunk and Chocolate with a hint of Lavender. It reminded me of the Old School Bubba Kush I would get in the San Fernando Valley back in the late ’90s. As for the look of this Live Resin, it was a gorgeous golden sauce with tiny crystals that I’d usually pay much more for so I was elated. As I dug my nail into the resin I was beyond pleased with the consistency which was simple to work with. I was able to grab a perfect sized dab and as soon as it the quartz banger, it was blast off time as this extract was super heady. I instantly found myself sweating profusely from my forehead which is always a good sign that the gear is fire. After a few seconds of fighting to catch my breath, my eyes were fully shut and I was totally devastated. This was a definite narcotic fade that did me in but also left me with the delicious flavors of Skunk and Lavendar on my tongue. I have to warn you though, along with being great for pain relief, the THEZ Live Resin is not for the rookies as it had me destroyed for a solid three hours and was a total couch-lock one-hitter quitter.
In the end, the THEZ Live Resin was absolutely marvelous in every facet. When it came to her strength and potency, this was cup level material that had me as high as anything has taken me this year so for that reason, I gave her a score of 9.7/10. In terms of her taste and pungency, this was some beyond flavorful sauce that had a whopping Terpene content of 14,4% and it showed as the taste lingered on the tongue well after exhale, so I gave her a score of 9.7/10 making her one my top extract samples of 2019. If you see the THEZ in your neck of the woods, do not hesitate as you will be beyond pleased with this gear.

thez live resin


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