I’ve been on a bit of a desert strain kick as of late with strains such as the Vanilla Frosting and Dosi-Cake lately so when I saw the SPK aka Sour Patch Kids Live Resin at my local shop the other day I just couldn’t pass her up. This sample is from one of my favorite extract producers based out of Portland, Oregon in Mana Extracts also in collaboration with famed local growers Foley Farms. To give you a little strain background, the Sour Patch Kids was bred by renowned breeders Dark Heart Nursery by crossing their Sour Diesel with their Candyland and the results are said to be astounding. I was able to scoop up this sample for just $20 so I was very excited to give her a whirl.


I decided to fo with my Mobius Stereo Matrix Bubbler for this ride and upon opening the jar I was hit with heavy sour notes of Pine and Jet Fuel. This was some very gassy gear that made me do a double-take on her aroma. At first glance, the Sour Patch Kids was an absolutely beautiful light yellow saucy Live Resin that had a few nice diamonds within her terpenes. Upon digging my nail into the resin, I was more than pleased with the consistency of the SPK Live Resin as it was easy to work with as I grabbed a perfect sized dab. Once the glob hit the quartz banger it was blast off time as I began to sweat profusely and needed to find a place to sit. This was a definite one-hitter quitter as I was fully ripped after one solid hit. In one word the Sour Patch Kids can be described as devastating as I was left with my eyes shut as I was beyond blasted. This was definitely not some gear for the rookies as I was beyond baked for a good three hours. I would absolutely recommend the Sour Patch Kids Live Resin for anyone looking to get super hammered as it took away all my stress and anxiety along with my chronic neck and back pains.


Overall, the Sour Patch Kids Live Resin was some top-tier level gear that had me beyond satisfied at every turn. When it came to her strength and potency she was a heavy-hitting resin that I absolutely enjoyed. The SPK kept me so baked and was as potent as anything I’ve sampled this year so I gave her a score of 9.7/10. When it came to the SPK’s taste and pungency, I truly was in love with the deep Sour Diesel and Skunk notes she provided while lasting on my tongue well after exhale, so I gave the Sour Patch Kids a score of 9.5/10. In the end, this was an awesome sample that is probably in my Top-Ten for the Year. If you see the SPK on a shelf near you, do not hesitate as she is beyond worthy.

spk live resin

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