If you’ve been anywhere near a cannabis dispensary over the last couple of years you’ve probably seen The Gelato aka Larry Bird Kush. The Gelato strain, bred by The Cookies Fam and Berner, is a cross of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mints Girl Scout Cookies and has been taking the cannabis world by storm for quite a while now. I’ve been a big fan of The Gelato so when I saw the Vanilla Frosting Live Resin from Bobsled Extracts at a dispensary in Portland, Oregon for $20 USD, I was beside myself with excitement. The Vanilla Frosting strain is an Indica-Dominant hybrid bred by Dark Heart Nursery that crosses The Humboldt Frost OG with Humboldt Gelato Bx3 and the results are an improvement on what we’ve seen coming from the common Gelato lines over the past couple years. It is said to have a lofty high that’s super potent.
I decided to use my Mobius Glass Stereo Matrix bubbler for this session and upon opening the jar on the Vanilla Frosting resin I was amazed at the color of this gear as it was virtually off-white to clear and had the look of tiny white diamonds that shined brilliantly in the light. I almost felt bad dabbing this gear it was so pretty, almost…especially with its whopping terpene level of 11.84%. Thankfully, I was able to finally muster the courage to dig my nail into the breathtaking resin and easily get a perfect sized dab. Once the nail hit the quartz banger, it was blast off time as I found myself choking on the delicious vapors of the Vanilla Frosting which honestly tasted like Vanilla Frosting with a thick diesel finish that was very reminiscent of the true Gelato strain I tasted back in 2017. This stuff was delicious as well as stony as I was down for the count after one heavy rip. For the next few hours, I was beyond blasted as I didn’t move from the couch. As for my chronic pain and anxiety, they were non-existent thanks to the Vanilla Frosting’s deep narcotic fade. This is a strain I would not recommend for those folks with low tolerance as the Vanilla Frosting is truly some devastating, one-hitter quitter material.
In the end, the Vanilla Frosting was Cup level gear that had me smiling from ear to ear. When it came to her strength and potency, she was a wonderful hard-hitting Indica that left me destroyed so for that reason I gave the Vanilla Frosting a score of 9.7/10. In terms of her taste and pungency, she was absolutely delicious. The Vanilla and Diesel notes came through so clear and stayed on the palate well after exhale so I gave her a score of 9.6/10 making the Vanilla Frosting one of my highest-ranked extracts for 2019 thus far. If you are lucky enough to find her in your neck of the woods, grab it up, as she is a true show stopper.

vanilla frosting live resin

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