If you’ve been inside a dispensary over the past year or s you’ve probably seen the strains Wedding Cake and Do-Si-Dos gracing your shelves. The two strains have become household names in the cannabis world for some time now as they have garnered many Cannabis Cups and awards. On my recent trip to my local shop, I was extremely excited when I spotted a mashup of these two beasts in the Dosi-Cake Sugar Wax from Slab Mechanix out of Tacoma, Washington for $20 USD a gram. Now the Dosi-Cake is an Indica-Dominant Hybrid that as the name suggests, crosses Do-Si-Dos with the Wedding Cake and the results are said to be delicious and devastating. This was my first time sampling anything from Slab Mechanix so I was beyond excited to give this a whirl.


I decided to go with my Toro Glass Bubbler for this session, and my first impression of this wax was beautiful. The wax looked like two massive golden-orange diamond clusters that shined beautifully in the light. Upon opening the jar, I was hit with heavy notes of Lemon and Diesel with a hint of Pine. As I dug my nail into the wax I was a little disappointed as the resin was a bit more crumbly than I like but after a little coaxing, I was able to grab a nice-sized dab. As soon as the nail hit the quartz banger, I could instantly taste a mix of Sweet Lemons and Jet Fuel. Upon exhale, I felt the high right away as it slowly made its way from my head to my toes. This was some potent gear as I found myself having trouble opening my eyes as sweat started dripping from my forehead. Without question, the Dosi-Cake was a narcotic fade that I would not recommend for the beginner as this put me in a deep couch-lock hole that incapacitated me for a solid two hours. The Dosi-Cake Sugar Wax was definitely some nighttime gear and was amazing for sleep as well as relaxation and pain relief as my back and neck pains were non-existent.


Overall, the Dosi-Cake was a delicious and mind-numbing sample that put a smile on my face. When it came to her strength and potency, I found the Dosi-Cake to be narcotic and absolutely the headiness I search for in a good Indica. One good hit of the Dosi-Cake had me fully lit and relieved my ailments, so for that reason, I gave her a score of 9.5/10. When it came to the taste and pungency, I totally enjoyed the flavor profile of the Dosi-Cake but felt it could have had a little more funk at the end of the day and for that reason, I only gave it a score of 9.0/10. All in all, the Dosi-Cake Sugar Wax was a great sample that I definitely recommend, especially at this price point. If you are lucky enough to find it in your neck of the woods, grab her up as you will not be disappointed.

Dosi-Cake sugar wax

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