I’ve been having an absolute blast this Halloween season! With so many parties, events, costumes, and getting turnt with friends, there’s been no shortage of excitement, and lots of needs to get lit and then wind down. I’ve been focusing mostly on the lit part, I must admit, but nicely enough all of my cannabis choices have worked out in my favor. One strain I do wish I would have perhaps doubled up on is Jilly Bean. This is one excellent strain for a good time!

Jilly Bean is bouncy and delightful, tasty and high-energy. I smoked this regularly while getting ready to go out, and while actually out, and had a bangup time. Definitely a stimulating high, there’s no grogginess to be had with Jilly Bean. Recommended for social events, creative sparks, and a general euphoric feeling, I’m a big fan of this strain. I love a good stony high, but not quite as much as I love a bubbly, giggly one. Jilly Bean just put me in a good mood! Jokes sounded funnier, I thought I was hilarious, and definitely caught up in the moment. It tastes of fruit and sweetness, appropriate for its name, and comes from some of my favorite strains Space Queen and Orange Velvet. It’s lovely and pinkish in hue, and goes well smoking with a fruity beverage on hand, I find.

It can be difficult with fun substances to find the right one that will keep you in the moment, or turn on you and trap you in your own head. I understand my indica-only friends not wanting to risk getting totally stuck in their mind and worries, and sativas lend themselves to this kind of anxiety attack more often than not. In fact, a friend recently imposed a tolerance break on himself because he smoked a little too much, got an extreme panic attack, and is now scared off both sativas and indicas for a minute. A bad panic attack will do that to you- it’s no fun thinking you’re in for a chill time and instead your body tricks you into thinking, “Is this a heart attack!?” For a seasoned cannabis smoker like myself, I actively seek out the high beyond the get-stoned-and-nap experience that I feel like is the most common amongst my circle of cannabis-using friends.

I feel like I’m fatigued enough in my life, and although most would argue that a good indica doesn’t fatigue one so much as it provides a guaranteed avenue to a solid rest. Because of how and why I consume cannabis however, that good indica would fatigue me. Jilly Bean pumps up the energy level and happiness, and in the right dose, keeps that edge off. Of course, know your own body- being a fairly strong hybrid, Jilly Bean can get the mind working a little too fast for its own good, so make sure your first hits with this one are measured and gradual. I did find though that without continuously hitting the strain in close intervals, eventually the high melts into that very perfect mellow sensation, riding hard on elation. I love Jill Bean for a night with friends, when you’re in a garbage mood and feel like nothing can pull you out, and for stimulating the creative juices.

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