Over the past few months, I’ve been on a mission to obtain new and exotic strains that I have yet to sample. Sometimes, this can be a challenge as my local shops seem to always have the usual suspects like Girl Scout Cookies or OG Kush but finding brand new cuts can occasionally be a challenge. Thankfully, it’s a challenge I’m always up for. Recently, on a trip into Portland, Oregon I was able to find something I had never seen in the Grape Rhino Live Resin from Beehive Extracts in collaboration with Sugarbud, both out of the Rose City, for $24 USD a gram. To give you a strain lineage background, the Grape Rhino is a mysterious Indica-Dominant Hybrid that supposedly crosses Grape Ape with White Rhino. This was what the budtender told me but I was unable to find anything to back up his claim as the Grap Rhino is a new strain to our local scene.
I decided to go with my Mobius Stereo Matrix bubbler for this session and as soon as I opened the jar on the Grape Rhino I could smell mellow notes of Pine and citrus with a mild fruit back. As for the looks of this resin, all I can say is wow, as this gear was a gorgeous mix of sauce and diamonds that shined like tiny orange jewels in the Sun. The color of the Live Resin was a little darker than I like but it was still beautiful to look at. As I dug my nail into the Grape Rhino I was very pleased with the consistency of the resin as it was very easy to work with. Once the nail came in contact with the quartz banger I could taste the mild bouquet of lemons and pine that I enjoyed but could have been more pronounced especially in the Grape department. Upon exhale, I could instantly feel the heavy fade of the Grape Rhino as it had me super baked and grabbing for my ice water as the cottonmouth set in. This was some hard-hitting one-hitter quitter gear that seriously put me down for the count. I was in a deep narcotic haze for a solid two hours and felt absolutely amazing as the Grape Rhino completely took away my back and neck pains and helped me get some much-needed relaxation. This strain also helped me to get some great sleep so I would highly recommend it for insomnia issues as well.
Overall, I enjoyed the Grape Rhino Live Resin and found it to be a solid sample. When it came to her flavor and pungency I liked the terpene profile but wished it could have been a bit louder, so for that reason I gave the White Rhino a score of 8.9/10. As for the strength and potency, this is where the Grape Rhino shined as she was a devastating, narcotic resin that totally did the trick for me. At the end of the day, I thought the Grape Rhino was a decent extract but fell short in the flavor department considering it was a Live Resin, so I’d recommend looking for a different sample than this one at your local shop.

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