Pure Kush is a potent and pungent cannabis strain that delivers a heavy sense of sedation and relaxation. This Indica-dominant strain typically has moderate-to-high THC levels ranging between 17 and 24 percent. Pure Kush’s flower buds are small, dense, and covered with amber-colored trichomes. Pure Kush is the perfect afternoon or nighttime strain to smoke before reading, watching a movie, or listening to music.

In 2014, this strain won third place for Best Coffeeshop Strain at the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup with The Green House’s Pure Kush entry. Whether you’re smoking this strain to induce sleep or making some homemade rosin with a hair straightener, Pure Kush has a large dose of THC that can satisfy seasoned or chronic users. Novice users will find its hazy effects too overwhelming.

OG Phenotype

Pure Kush is derived from an OG Kush phenotype. A phenotype is a different physical expression of the same genetics meaning that Pure Kush has different physical traits than a classic OG Kush cut. This Indica hybrid strain has a disputed history, like many other cannabis strains, but regardless of its originator, the strain always has a strong lemony scent and high THC levels. Pure Kush has gone one to parent Snow Mountain and Lion’s Milk strains.

Popcorn Buds

Pure Kush buds are small-to-medium in size and slightly hard to the touch. They often come as small, cone-shaped popcorn buds. Despite their small size, they are dense and covered in tons of sticky trichomes. The buds have a strong green color with hints of orange-brown pistils. Each popcorn bud is sticky as you break it down to pack into a bowl or vape pen.

Kush Aroma

Pure Kush has the signature Kush aroma comprised of earthy, pine, skunky, floral, and spicy notes. Pure Kush has a distinct citrus aroma due to its high concentration of the terpene limonene. Beta-caryophyllene and linalool terpenes bring in the herbal and musky notes that can balance the gassy and tangy aroma.

Extreme Relaxation

Everyone reacts differently to every strain. Pure Kush made me feel relaxed, calm, and focused. Whether smoked in a glass pipe or in a dry herb vaporizer, Pure Kush has a slightly sweet and lemony and minty taste. As the high wears on, Pure Kush made me slightly more sleepy, but didn’t keep me glued to the seat. Heavy doses can deliver full-body effects and feelings of sedation.

Pure Kush is a powerful strain that can make even daily smokers experience a strong high from just a couple of bowls. Its strong and pungent aroma can stink up a room, which can pose a challenge for discreet smokers. This strain can be found in multiple states including Washington, Arizona, Oregon, Nevada, and California.

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