Candyland, also known as Kandyland, is a high-spirited and stress-relieving strain with a pungent and citrus-forward aroma. This sativa-dominant hybrid contains between 16 and 21 percent THC levels, or 19 percent THC on average. Its moderate-to-high THC levels along with its spicy and lemon-scented terpenes earned this strain the gold medal for the Best Sativa at the 2012 KushCon. Candyland can give novice or daily users a great value in terms of potency and smell.

GDP and Platinum GSC

Candyland was bred by Ken Estes, the legendary producer of the famous Granddaddy Purple  (GDP) strain. This Northern California breeder crossed his GDP with Bay Platinum Cookies, also known as Platinum Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), to produce the fruity and spicy Candyland strain. Platinum GSC has a berry, candy, and spicy aroma, while GDP has a strong grape and berry aroma. Candyland has passed on its genetics to strains such as Grandma’s Batch and False Teeth.

Green and Violet

My batch of Candyland had small, dense, and bright green flower buds covered in fuzzy and golden trichomes. Candyland’s chunky buds had orange pistils scattered throughout the vibrant green leaves. Some varieties of Candyland can have violet-colored leaves, if grown in cooler climates. Candyland was sticky like a sugary and delicious confection as I broke it down into smaller pieces to pack my glass pipe.

Spice, Fruit, and Citrus

True to its name, Candyland has a slightly sweet smell upon first inspection. Its fruity sweetness is paired with a bright and tangy citrus aroma that reminded me of a strong lemon-scented industrial cleaner. Finally, an herbal spice balances the powerful tart and cloying scents with an earthy musk. Candyland’s most abundant terpenes include beta-caryophyllene, limonene, linalool, alpha-humulene, alpha-pinene, beta-myrcene, and terpinolene.

Energy and Euphoria

Candyland delivers pure euphoria with its cerebral haze and body relaxing effects. Like a sugar rush, Candyland can offer users a boost in mood in small doses with minimal sedative effects. Higher doses can lead to stimulating and energizing effects that can power users through the morning or during a creative endeavor. Many users consume this strain to ease symptoms associated with anxiety, stress, and depression, although, high doses can induce paranoia.

Candyland is not for low-tolerance users, unless you only consume a small dose to keep your anxiety levels down. In small-to-moderate doses, its THC-heavy effects can liven up a movie, meal, or mindless household task. Users can find this strain in legal states such as Oregon, Arizona, Washington, California, and some parts of Canada. Take a chance with Candyland’s sweet and fruity smell and high potency.

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