Can you believe we’ve almost made it to the end of the 11th month and the end of the year. What sort of energy should you be cultivating? What sort of strains would you want to look for? Here are my suggestions for your sign as we finish out November. Be careful of the munchies- it’s full blown sugar season and the indulgent signs, you know who you are, should keep aware of your most craving strains.


Scorpio’s themes: Your season! Patience, listening to others, and making deals. Creating time and space later in the month for those who need you.

Strains to try: For socializing, relaxing and calming others, sharing. Slowing down before getting too far ahead. Try some sweet Super Lemon Haze to pull you out of your anti-social funk, and perhaps another fruity strain, Strawberry cough.


Sagittarius’ themes: Feeling oneself, but don’t rely on all that to get what you want. Keep flying on that confidence. Expect more clarity in near the end of November.

Strains to try: For productivity yet calm. Focussing your energy on getting organized and strategizing for your best possibility. OG Kush provides a good mental stimulation but a relaxed bodily feeling, good for keeping calm in harrying times. Sweet and cocoa flavors, my favorite.


Capricorn’s themes: Exploration, adventure, new social contacts that enrich you. Act with logic instead of reacting emotionally if you find your boundaries being pushed.

Strains to try: Some for excitement, stimulation, meeting new people. Strains adept at keeping emotions in check. Afgoo is a solid indica that will get you in a warmer mood and mindset, and might keep you from having an overly negative interaction. Another piney, citrusy flavor this month!


Aquarius’ themes: Motivation to get presented self to the world right, making new contacts. Good for business and emotional wellbeing!

Strains to try: Something mellow but productive. Good for unwinding, but won’t slow down creative energy. Master Kush takes a while to get its high to the sedation stage, but uplifts and inspires with a lower dosage. A bit orange and dusty, but not in an unpleasant way.


Pisces’ themes: Good time to explore, wanderlust. Seeking attention, and the right kind will find you near the end of the month.

Strains to try: For communication, fun, adventure. Stimulative, but not too buzzy if you’re anxious. Something that will make sure your confidence is strong! I love Cannatonic for filling me with that extra anxiety-slaying energy. Keep your awareness up but the good times rolling. Slightly citrus and wood aromas.


Aries’ themes: Tension and anger has been ongoing, but will phase into a new adventure phase. A clearing of the air might help you get there.

Strains to try: For anger, tension, relaxation. But also something fun and giggly for mood improvement and adventuring. White Widow is popular for its euphoria, and a cheerful feeling. Great for new phases! An earthy and piney flavor will also have you feeling nice Fall vibes.

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