We’ve come upon that time of year again- the weather is chilly, the family stress is real, and twinkly lights are going up in shopping centers across America. Yes, it’s a festive time, but for many it’s the dreaded (or anticipated) cuffing season. For those already in love, congratulations, and enjoy these strains with your significant other for a good time… but for those on the hunt for a personal space heater to spoon, these are also excellent options. There summer flings for the heat, and cuddle buddies for the cold, so if you’ve got a crush, and they like to burn, here’s some good strains to elevate the mood into a flirtatious one.


5) Northern Lights is one I recommend often for a multitude of purposes, because it’s just a solid, feel-good indica. It has a light psychoactive effect, nice for skin to skin sensations, and lowering emotional guards. Be careful with the dosage though, as it is great for a good night’s sleep, but it truly increases the feelings of happiness and calm that you want to settle your nerves in front of bae.


4) Orange Crush is a more giggle-inducing, flirtatious high that will get you both in an ideal mood. This is a great social strain, perfect for getting to know someone. If you’re beloved is shy, and you think you have a good shot if not for their introversion, these sweet, citrusy notes might be just the ticket to bring them out of their shell.


3) Durban Cookies is a pretty sexy strain, a great choice for increasing feelings of love and closeness with a person you’re already in a sexual relationship. If you’re looking to kick up the feelings a notch, while keeping the passion high, Durban Cookies energizes and getting a little freaky. Pillow talk can be a wonderful thing, made even more fun with a bouncy high.


2) Neville’s Haze is a cerebral, thoughtful strain, with just the right touch of indica for a calm mood, and ideal for deep, long talks. If you’re already at the point with your intended crush where you talk constantly, and are such close friends, maybe depth is the needed component to take it to the next level. This cerebral high might give that extra bump of confidence you need to set the tone and make that love connection real.


1) Voodoo will have you tingling in all the right places, if you catch my drift. The heart, you perverts. And actually everywhere else, too. Voodoo provides a fun, joyful, bodily sensitive high. This is great for a pre-hook up smoke, but also good to share on a first date. The fruity sweetness keeps the euphoria going for hours. This is one to get your crush cracking up at your jokes and brushing fingers against yours, so offering to roll up with a Voodoo blunt makes magic happen. 

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