This week of Thanksgiving, and black Friday, days-long sales are going on to compete with the capitalist beast. Instead of trudging out to the mall, or loading up on Amazon knock-offs, here are my favorite cannabis-based businesses I think are worth supporting while you’re doing any shopping this week.


First, I would head to Etsy and check out their hemp retailers. Gaia Sol makes gorgeous, simple, intimate and yoga wear from hemp. The printed and basic sets of bandeaus perfect to peek through a sheer top.



The Karmic Chameleon makes strong festival-style harem pants, popular amongst wooks and hippies for all the right reasons of comfort and movement. The Aladdin look lives on, but get it in a fabric that won’t rip after one season of wear.

Screen Shot 2019-11-29 at 5.08.14 PM.png


The Hemp Co-op offers a variety of basics and adorable tie-dye, with sweet simplistic branding. Get your crew cut tops and scrunchies here!



Hemp4Life is an awesome alternative to Carhartt. Yes, those beanies are having a moment, but why not stray off the trending path and spark something a little more interesting with these hemp crocheted beanies instead? And for the functional user, messenger bags in many colors!



MannaAkanna has quality fanny packs in utilitarian style, perfect for the partier who likes to remain hands-free. I’m personally trying to bring fanny packs and utility belts further into my life, and I think you should, too.



KAraBazin has a lock on hemp sneakers, but if I was living in the cold weather, I might keep my eye closer to this hemp wooly bomber jacket for brisk evenings outside, passing a joint.



HemplutionOriginal is more of your mainstream mom’s sort of clothing supplier. Cozy cream colored sweaters and pull-over cardigans that don’t scream “I’m wearing hemp” might make the perfect gift.



EarthCreations is cute and cozy for the lady who likes a dash of color, but also lovely, flowy tops and pieces that could be dressed up, or casually worn with jeans. Perfect for your aunt who loves chunky jewelry!

3050-PUM 34 Sleeve Sophie Dress.jpg


Toad & Co. offers durable, sustainable fashions, including hemp, in great basic dresses or tunics, perfect for the holidays, or casual offices. My absolute favorites? The sherpa vest and sweater hoodies.

T1071409-Charcoal Heather-1-P.jpg


Wallis Evera creates gorgeous tops and dresses that no one would guess are made with only organic hemp and cotton, because these looks are so classy, you could pop one one for an important meeting and feel boss.

Screen Shot 2019-11-29 at 5.42.19 PM.png


Saucony has the game cornered on functional, fashionable, yet sustainable and durable sneakers. The colors especially are fun and can bring a pop to an otherwise plain look. There’s also athletic options for the comfort-driven, fitness-obsessed hippie in your family.

Screen Shot 2019-11-29 at 5.31.05 PM.png

Garmentory may look a little pricey at first glance, but getting into hot trends in worth-while textiles takes a bit of a shopping plunge, but you get what you pay for, and there’s no shortage of unique designs and sharp, modern looks in hemp. 


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