Since my Stiiizy cartridge has run out I’ve been on the hunt for something to hold me over until I can pick up a new one after pay day. I’ve been getting more into prerolls and the White Runtz full gram hybrid preroll by FLAV is the perfect mix of relaxation and energy rolled into one quick and convenient package. It’s affordable and definitely worth a try if you happen upon this preroll in your local dispensary.


I got this preroll from Buddha Co. I was in a rush to find something quick and easy to smoke and the staff there recommended the Flav White Runtz Preroll. It was only $13. It’s a full gram preroll so it’s equivalent to paying $13 for a gram. A cross between Zkittlez and Gelato. The White Runtz strain is frosted with thc and has a sweet taste. The FLAV company is headquartered in California with locations Nevada, Michigan, Colorado, and more! Flav has over 1,600 products that cover a full spectrum of categories including vapes, edibles, flower, CBD, concentrates, and more. They carry a variety of strains and have two types of prerolls: one being original and the second called Bottle Rockets. The originals come in great varieties like Gelato, Banana OG, and Asian OG.


The prerolled White Runtz joint by FLAV comes packaged in a white cylindrical tube covered in green, white, and purple decorative font and design. The package comes labeled with all pertinent information like harvest date, expiration date, batch number, and of course THC & CBD content levels. The smell is somewhat potent so if you’re worried about discretion I’d suggest saving this for nighttime or using another strain entirely. I don’t always care about things like this, but ended up putting the joint out halfway through the smoke session because I was annoyed with the looks I was getting. I made the mistake of not putting the half-smoked joint back in its original tube packaging and just sticking it in a cigarette box in my purse. My purse smelled dank the rest of the day. The smell saturated the entire bag and a four foot radius around it. So again, if discretion is your concern, don’t do as I did.



This strain is perfect for a midday pick me up or a nighttime relaxation aid. I tried it during both times and found the effects to be consistent but multifaceted depending on your environment. The White Runtz preroll leaves consumers feeling calm, relaxed, clear-headed, energized, and sometimes tired. I also felt a slight boost in creativity The packaging states that the preroll contains 17.80% THC and 0.10% CBD with 20.30% total cannabinoids. This makes it fairly versatile and not too overwhelming with just the right amount of potency.


This strain is well worth the try and the preroll is worth the money. It’s pretty potent so discreet consumers should take proper precaution. Otherwise, I think for a prerolled joint at a $13 price point, this surpassed my expectations and is sure to surprise you as well.

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