More Stars and Strains! Maybe that’s what I’ll call this column in 2020! What’s going on in the 11th month for your sign? What should you try smoking?


Taurus’ themes: Seeking commitments and confirmations from others is stressing you out, but things ought to work out for you better than you might be feeling now. Remain calm, have faith in others, especially when you must.

Strains to try: For trust, patience. Having to relax when you feel a bit antsy, and are already prone to anxiety and stubbornness. Grandaddy Purple is good for settling some needless nerves. Perfect for dealing with a restlessness that can’t seem to be quieted.


Gemini’s themes: Might be fielding lots of flirtation and offers- feeling quite flattered. Don’t let all the attention draw you from those who you actually want to give your attention. Use these powers to make your feelings clear.

Strains to try: For intimacy, confidence, a strain that can put you in the mood for clear self expression. Pineapple Express is fun and creative and active, perfect for a nice time with a confidant. Get open, get out there, have a laugh with a person you care about. Personally, I love Pineapple flavor profiles more than most, and their reliable good time.


Cancer’s themes: Feeling stressed out, dissonance between personal and professional life, yet a break is due and on its way. So don’t worry Cancer, that deep love is still going well, just power through the rough workdays. Come home to a good, medicating smoke sesh.

Strains to Try: For stress release, sensuality. Something that calms the body and the mind. Both are easily attainable in one strain. Master Kush is great for that body high combined with alertness.


Leo’s themes: Situations on the home front this time of year are becoming prominent issues in your life, but not keeping you from living a fun-filled, social time as well. As tensions build at home, you might need to consider how to handle those.

Strains to try: For rationality, calm, but mostly for enjoying those good nights and activities that keep you getting the most out of letting loose. Perhaps a tasty Mango Kush will have you smiling off your worries and prep you for any unpleasantness.


Virgo’s themes: Feelings of intense stress and anxiety. Having to wait on results from actions you’re trying to take sucks, but being cool and patient is the right way. Good things are sure to come of it as November ends.

Strains to try: For calm and stress relief. Making waiting easier. Improving your mood amidst trying period. An Earthy, uplifted Cookies melts stress and keeps an elated feeling from popping, perfect for celebrating this Harvest season.


Libra’s themes: The routine is starting to feel normal, and you’re receiving lots of communication. Just take the opportunities of networking you want to explore, and compartmentalize the rest. Been working toward stronger emotional confidence, and it’s building.

Strains to try: For relaxation, good sleep, for sure, like a reliable Purple Kush. Great for that long lasting rest after a long day. But also one for organization, productivity and mood elation, like a Pineapple based hybrid.

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