This is my first time trying cannabis from Riverview Farms. They’re a local Salinas Valley breeder with humble beginnings, determined to show you don’t have to sacrifice quality when making cannabis products affordable and accessible to all. The OG Brûlée Strain was advertised to me as an indica so that is how I will be reviewing it. The packaging, however, makes no indication of the strain being either a sativa, hybrid, or indica. Either way, it’s dank and 10/10 would recommend.


The OG Brulee strain comes from a breeder called Riverview Farms. Nestled in the heart of the Salinas Valley, Riverview Farms brings decades of agricultural history to the growing cannabis market in Monterey County. After World War II, many Japanese immigrants settled in the Salinas Valley where they cultivated some of the best flowers in the world. When Californians voted to legalize cannabis for adult use in 2016, new life was breathed into the land and greenhouses, including the land now owned and operated by Riverview Farms. The optimum growing conditions of the Salinas Valley and the existing greenhouses provided the ideal location for growing high-quality, sustainable cannabis. Riverview Farms cultivates premium, licensed, California-compliant cannabis using cutting-edge technology, superior greenhouses, and natural light. I love knowing the history behind my cannabis as well as the companies cultivating and marketing their products to consumers in this industry. It feels good knowing that I’m supporting a local family business by purchasing Riverview Farms strains. It also is great knowing their practices aren’t impacting the environment or culture negatively.


This bud is very fluffy and soft. The nugs aren’t dense, making the bud super easy to break up with the hands. A grinder is unnecessary for this strain. OG Brûlée breaks up quite finely using slight pressure. The nugs themselves range in size from small to large with a fairly decent dusting of trichomes covering the outside. The bud is a mixture of bright and dark green with mostly deep orange or amber pistils. The smell is very pleasant and light. It has very fruity and sweet scents compared to its more earthy and herbal cousins.


The batch that I got tested at 15.47% THC. This makes OG Brûlée a versatile but still fairly potent strain that can be used for a variety of needs. This strain would be great for consumers concerned with anxiety, insomnia, and stress. This strain works best as a nighttime strain. I find it makes me too tired during the day to the point where I lose motivation (or concentration) to get things done on time. I like being able to wind down after a long day with OG Brûlée. It helps to melt away all the stresses of the day and keep your mind and body at ease. OG Brûlée also helps to stimulate appetite. The munchies are not as ferocious with this strain compared to others with higher THC content. I like that because sometimes after using strains with higher THC content I get hungrier than a simple snack or sandwich can quell and having to cook a meal while that high can be a major chore.


If you’re a consumer that prefers indicas over sativas, this is a great strain to try out. OG Brûlée hits all the marks and gives you a bit of both worlds. A little goes a long way with this strain so I’d recommend playing around with the dosage to find what’s best for you.

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