Cannabidiol (CBD) is the hot ticket cannabis compound that has made its way into everything from chocolate to gummies to bath bombs and so many more products. Many health-conscious consumers take CBD for its restorative and stress-relieving effects. For individuals with serious medical conditions, however, CBD can provide much-needed symptomatic relief.

With so many CBD products for pain and inflammation available, it’s difficult to determine which one works best for which symptom. In a quest to understand the CBD market better, as well as relieve my minor aches and pains, I recently gave a couple of CBDMedic’s pain relief topicals a try.


CBDMedic is a cannabis producer of CBD-rich topicals for muscle and skin conditions. Unlike many other companies, CBDMedic is one of the first hemp-derived and FDA-compliant over-the-counter medications. That means that their products can legally use the term “pain relief.”

All CBDMedic products are THC-free, meaning that your skin won’t be absorbing any of the cannabis compound that gets you high. Cannabinoids can’t reach the bloodstream anyway, so there’s no risk of failing a drug test or feeling any intoxicating effects. CBDMedic incorporates the power of CBD with completely natural ingredients for its foot, arthritis, muscle and joint, and massage products.

How to Use CBDMedic

I tried the CBDMedic Active Sport and Back & Neck Pain Relief topical ointment bottles. Each bottle weighs 40 grams. The bottle was the ideal carry-on size for a recent international trip I took. According to directions, you should apply the topical three to four times daily with clean hands. It’s best to gently massage the ointment into the affected area for about 30 seconds.

Natural Ingredients

CBDMedic’s topicals feature a unique formula of pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory compounds. Medical consumers have recently turned to hemp-derived CBD to reduce their pain and inflammation. CBDMedic features CBD made from Oregon and Colorado-grown hemp. Other natural ingredients include beeswax, cottonseed oil, honeysuckle oil, jojoba seed oil, myrrh oil, argan oil, and frankincense oil.

The topicals also feature camphor and menthol, two natural pain-relieving compounds. Camphor is extracted from the bark of Asian evergreen trees. It helps relieve itch, pain, and swelling. Menthol, extracted from mint, can relieve pain and improve blood flow to the affected area. Both topicals ($39.99) have 10 percent camphor and 15 percent menthol.


I don’t normally use pain-relieving over-the-counter medication, but I decided to give the Active Sport and Back & Neck topicals a try. After a long day of exploring the city’s tourist attractions on one of my travels, I applied both topicals onto my aching muscles and joints. The discomfort from all the walking was minor, but I wanted to test out the products.

I’ve also used the products on my neck and upper back after a workout or after sitting too long writing articles. CBDMedic’s topicals are a great alternative to traditional pain medication such as ibuprofen. Its menthol-infused formula gave me a tingly and cool sensation that retained strong numbing effects for at least 30 minutes and slowly dissipated.

CBD can penetrate the skin, which can interact with localized cannabinoid receptors. CBD topicals can be used liberally for maximum absorption. While the topicals provided subtle pain relief with a slight numbing effect, the price may give budget shoppers a pause. Regardless, if the price point works for you, CBDMedic is a worthy choice for pain relief.

CBDMedic’s topicals are dermatologist-tested and hypoallergenic. They are free from artificial ingredients. You can even check their website for lab results to ensure your products are free from contaminants. Their products can be found in a variety of national and local retail chains, as well as their website. What do you think of CBDMedic’s products? Have you found relief from CBD? Let us know in the comments section below.

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