If you’ve been following my exploits in the world of weed, you might recall that one of my first reviews was a super negative experience with Rove cartridges. I recently saw that whole gram cartridges were on sale for 35$ and as per usual, my financial strain has placed me in a circumstance where I was willing to retry. I definitely believe in the idea that you pay for what you get, so shopping for super cheap cartridges isn’t always a practice in your best interest. What is important to me is a quality high at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, price has been a more important priority for me than the quality of the product, so I’ve been trying some items that I normally wouldn’t gravitate to if price were no objection.

Since it’s been so long when I last bought a Rove cartridge, hearing the budtender speak so well off it gave me pause. And considering that there were only 2 brands to choose from as far as whole-gram vapes went, I was a little stymied in my choice. Living in LA, I can always call ahead, call around, check prices, and hopefully from a dispensary near me, but I am a big fan of convenience. I feel like life is enough of a hassle already, so why should I drive another 15 minutes to save 5$ on a gram? For its price, Rove’s Glue was pretty pleasing. If you recall my original disappointment in Rove, I was pretty unhappy with the cartridge itself. It just felt cheap and gooey, and was hard to hit after a while. I’m starting to realize as I vape more however, that maybe cartridge oils just aren’t meant to live as long as I let it in that first cartridge.

Their version of Glue was a nice, smooth hybrid, minimal taste, lightly sweet aroma, one of those chill relaxing vibes without dragging my eyelids down. I picked up this cartridge right at the onset of my period, and just in the nick of time. I blew through this cartridge, which makes me even happier I only spent 35$ on it. I even brought it to the office to take out on my lunch break so that I could sit at my desk without reverting to the fetal position. Glue strains are popular for pain relief, so my inclination to continuously hit it during a time where I was physically hurting should put my mind at ease that I used it so fast. It got me out of bed in the morning, and comfortably into bed in the evening, so overall I was extremely pleased.

The cartridge itself is still one of my least favorite designs, but I this time, I didn’t experience any leaks or gunk, and each hit tasted clean and normal. No acute headaches, no signs of nasty materials. I would like to try another Rove strain and see if the oil acts similarly to Glue, or the first vape form them I tried, but to get a whole gram for that deal? I’d be willing to take that risk again based on the nice highs I had with Glue.

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