Cannabis cartridges offer users a convenient and potent delivery method for discreet and effective consumption. Cannabis users can vape on-the-go or from the comfort of their own home with minimal odor and maximum flavor. As an avid concentrate and vape user, I took a chance with four strains from VVS’ line of premium vape cartridges.

Who is VVS?

VVS produces premium cannabis products ranging from tinctures, gummies, vapor pens, pre-rolled cones, syringes, and batteries. The luxury brand was started by serial entrepreneur, Ben Baller. His knack for running businesses was helpful in establishing a strong brand in California’s competitive cannabis market.

In terms of cannabis concentrate cartridges, VVS uses full-spectrum extracts made with 100 percent organic flavors and colors. They also sell disposable pens made with CO2-extracted oil and sleek batteries intended for discreet consumption. Each product comes in the iconic and sophisticated color scheme comprised of rose gold, gold, and chrome.

VVS Cartridges

VVS’ line of premium clear cannabis concentrate cartridges come in a sleek and luxurious packaging featuring gold, chrome, or rose gold details. A matte black box features the VVS logo, a sticker indicating the strain, and a label ensuring the product was lab tested. The four cartridges I purchased were tested by Cannalysis Lab.

VVS vapes can run you anywhere from $40 to $45 per gram, albeit, I scored a great deal from my local delivery company, which prompted me to give these a try. VVS cartridges have a traditional 510-thread design and a round, sturdy, and colored mouthpiece. The oil had a translucent and amber color.

Here are a few first impressions from the four different strains.

  • The Rose Gold Orange Sorbet cartridge had a subtle orange tang and lemony bite.
  • The Rose Gold GSC cartridge (86.21 percent THC) had a pleasant minty aroma.
  • The Chrome Blueberry Diesel cartridge (87.39 percent THC) had a faint berry and diesel kick.
  • The Gold King Louis XIII cartridge (82.78 percent THC) had slight citrus and piney aroma.

After consuming all VVS cartridges over an extended period of time, I can confidently say they were strong and long-lasting. In terms of taste, I really enjoyed the flavors, but wasn’t overly impressed with them. While VVS makes good products, they won’t be my go-to vape cartridge, although, I might include it in my regular rotation every once in a while or if other brands aren’t available.

Lab Testing

As state regulations become more stringent to prevent vaping-related illnesses, concentrate companies must not only provide potent and flavorful products, but also safe and pure cartridges. Fortunately, VVS provides users with lab-certified products, if bought from licensed retailers. These lab reports can’t be found on their website. While many vape manufacturers don’t prominently display lab results on their website, they should.

Ultimately, VVS pens offer the essence of a cannabis strain in their cartridges gold-plated hardware. VVS cartridges are an affordable and solid option for concentrate users. Medical or recreational consumers can find VVS products in California, Washington, Colorado, and Oregon. Have you ever tried VVS cartridges or products? Let us know in the comments section below.

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