I’ll be honest, I’m a total budget shopper when it comes to my cannabis extracts. I usually stray away from the pricey rosins and sauces because plain and simple, I’m poor. Being a single father, I can’t justify spending $40-80 USD a gram when I can purchase gear for half the price that’s just as potent and tasty. Don’t get me wrong, you usually get what you pay for and the top-shelf extracts can occasionally offer a high that is beyond anything I can buy for cheap. For this reason, I decided to splurge and treat myself the other day at my local dispensary. I’d been hearing amazing things about a company named Dabstract who has been producing award-winning extracts out of Seattle, Washington for the last few years. And on my recent trip, I found a sample from Dabstract that I’d been wanting to try in the OG Chem Gems & Juice Live Resin for $35 a gram that looked phenomenal. To give you a little strain lineage background, OG Chem is a Sativa-Dominant hybrid that crosses Chemdawg with True OG Kush and the results are said to be profound. This is one of those Sativa’s that is said to possess many Indica qualities so I was beyond excited to give her a try.


I decided to go with my Mobius Stereo Matrix bubbler for this session and as soon as I opened the jar, the heavy aroma of diesel and grapes began to permeate the room. The OG Chem Gems & Juice had a terpene profile that was strong and grabbed my undivided attention. As I dug my nail into the resin I was more than pleased with the consistency of the resin which was thick like honey with tiny THC diamonds throughout and it was very easy to work with. The color was a beautiful light gold and shined brilliantly in the light. I grabbed myself a nice sized dab and as soon as it hit my diamond knot quartz banger it was game over. The OG Chem was beyond potent and upon exhale I was stuck trying to catch my breath and open my eyes as the delicious flavors of gas and skunk coated my palate. This was some delicious gear and I found the skunk and gas notes giving way to a lemony-grape finish that was beyond superb. As for the potency, this was a narcotic Sativa that had me couch-locked while also being lost in deep productive thought. I wasn’t going anywhere but I definitely wasn’t vegging out. This was absolutely the kind of dank you want when you’re playing some video games or watching a sporting event. I also found the OG Chem Live Resin to be wonderful for relieving my chronic back and neck pain and taking away my stress and anxiety. For a Sativa, I was astonished at how faded this got me.


Overall, the OG Chem Live Resin was truly a Cup Worthy sample. When it came to her strength and potency, this extract hit a lot like an Indica and made me an instant fan. I truly have never been this stoned from a Sativa and for that reason I gave the OG Chem Live Resin Gems & Juice a score of 9.7/10. When it came to the OG Chem’s taste and pungency, I couldn’t be more pleased with the heavy diesel, skunk and fruit terpenes and kept coming back for more just to taste her bouquet so I gave her a score of 9.7/10, making this one of the highest-ranked extracts of the year and by far the best Sativa I have sampled in 2019. In the end, this was truly a breathtaking sample that I absolutely recommend spending your hard-earned money on.

og chem live resinog chem live resin

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