On my recent trip to my local dispensary, I saw at least five different Gorilla Glues and at least eight different Cookie variations. Now don’t get me wrong, these are both wonderful strains but I’m starting to get a little tired of the usual flavors. Thankfully, after a few minutes of perusing the shelves, I spotted a new and interesting strain that I’d never heard of in the Lodi Dodi Sugar Wax from Smokey Point Productions out of Washington State for $20 USD a gram. Now, I’d love to provide you with some background on the Lodi Dodi but her genetics are a proprietary secret that Smokey Point Productions, who also bred this strain, keeps locked in a “vault”. What I can tell you, is she’s a Sativa-Dominant hybrid that is said to be potent as well as delicious.
I decided to sample the Lodi Dodi using my Mothership FabergĂ© Egg bubbler and upon opening the jar I was hit in the face with heavy notes of pine and old school Cat Piss. This stuff had deep citrus terpenes that were by no means offensive. Back in the day, Cat-Piss was a highly sought after strain in Southern California that was known for being stony and very flavorful…to say the least. At first glance, the Lodi Dodi was a beautiful golden-orange color that looked light little diamonds in the light. As I dug my nail into the Lodi Dodi Wax, I was a little disappointed as the extract was very crumbly and quite difficult to work with. After a few seconds, I was able to grab a decent sized dab and once it hit the quartz banger I was met with delicious lemon and diesel flavors across my palate. Upon exhale, I could taste more of her diesel back with Cat Piss which I enjoyed immensely. This stuff was all about the flavor as the high was more of an energetic uppity stone that had me organizing my sock drawer and contemplating what it takes to become a Professional Cornholer. I was stoned, but not destroyed at all. This was a true Sativa and it had me bouncing off the walls which I do enjoy in the mornings. After a second dab, I was doing good and could feel the high throughout my head and body as it had me wanting to run a marathon. As for my back pains, they were gone so I definitely recommend this strain for energy as well as pain relief but probably not relaxation as I felt a decent amount of anxiety while I was deep in thought.
Overall, I enjoyed the Lodi Dodi a lot considering it was a Sativa, which I usually stray away from. When it came to her strength and potency, this stuff was rocket fuel and provided a ton of productive energy while still helping to alleviate my back and neck pain. I found this to be the perfect sample for a wake and bake as it didn’t devastate me and put me in a great focused zone so for that reason I gave the Lodi Dodi Sugar Wax a 9.2/10. In terms of taste and pungency, this is where the Lodi Dodi shined. Her bouquet of heavy pine and citrus were beyond tasty and lasted on the tongue well after exhale, so I gave her a 9.4/10. In the end, this was a superb Sativa that had me nice and baked so I would definitely recommend you grab her if you see the Lodi Dodi in your neck of the woods.

lodi dodi sugar wax

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