It’s that magical time of year when pumpkin patches are abound, horror movies fill up your streaming queue, and hopefully, you’ve been thinking about your Halloween look for months. Whether these are particularly inspired or not, these are some classic looks honoring HalloWEED (haha), that could be pretty easy to pull off. And far superior to a pot leaf felt suit, or pretty racist Rasta costume. 


Jay and Silent Bob are easy to pull off, and as long as you roughly got the hair, all the work lies in the right wardrobe. Ironically, most pieces can be picked up at a thrift store, honestly. And with a little effort, everything could be cool enough to be reworn.


Bluntman and Chronic are that next step up to Jay and Silent Bob, as their super hero alter-egos. Pulling these looks off would take a decently finessed skill level in taking a onesie and adding enough of the right pieces to make these recognizable. The coup de gras would be to take some plastic bongs and make the saber.


Poison Ivy Kush is a play on the beloved Batman villainess. Goddess of green and nature, but with a specifically cannabis-fashion. I think altering some dollar store leaves with a pot-print onesie and a bold red lip would get everything across nicely.


Joint is so easy, but if executed well enough could actually look very cute and cozy. If you get too lazy about it though and just wrap a sheet around yourself, don’t expect any prizes.


Baggie of weed has been done before, true, but nailing the details sells this one with a tone of humor. Clear plastic and well placed “zip locs,” along with perhaps your preferred brand on the front, and a thickly-sharpied on label of “Trainwreck OG” will make this super clever. The material your cannabis is made of shouldn’t be too fine- fake little bushes would make cute nugs.


Green Fairy is another play on words based on the absinthe icon herself, but instead of being inspired by the alcohol, it’s the other delightful, mind-bending green. Any fairy costume with whatever cute cannabis details you can add, like designs on the wings, will make this a look.


Pun-based silliness like a hat with a plastic planter on it to make you a pot-head, or a potato onesie with foil and the lead print would make you a baked potato. I personally would pass on these, but the dads of your friend group will laugh.


Bong would take some work and engineering, but a bit of cardboard and lots of pretty paint might make this a really fun art project, and amazing costume if you have enough craftiness to pull it off. Even if it was an angular bong, the right design would make it obvious and it could be super trippy.


Girl Scout is such an oldie, but always cute as a decent backup. Instead of buying one of the store bought ones, I would urge collecting your own brown skirt and beret and making cute patches.


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