Anytime “trippy” reads are mentioned, it feels to me like the same old books mentioned repeatedly. We’ve got Brave New World, 1984, A Clockwork Orange… your typical apocalyptic, futuristic, dark and deep-thought provoking topics. Of course, like any heavy cannabis user, I too appreciate a strange, dark, mind bending stories that cause my jaw to drop. The stranger the tale, the better to read curled up with a blanket, a joint, and a cup of tea for this far-out reads.

Uzumaki is perfect reading for #spookyszn, being a popular horror manga with detailed, often gory illustrations. This serialized page-turner is about a town cursed by the most sinister of designs… the spiral. It’s amazing to wrap your head around (no pun intended) how many terrifying ways a spiral could be inflicted upon otherwise unremarkable townspeople. Definitely need a chill indica for this read- wouldn’t want to risk any paranoia from spiral sightings.

His Dark Materials is one of my favorite series ever, and is getting an HBO series. If that’s not all the reason in the world to read the books first, I don’t know what is. The best part of these is that, unlike Game of Thrones, they’re written for young adults and therefore can be completed in a reasonable amount of time, especially for those of us who get easily distracted. Even so, it would be hard to put down this epic tale of souls, shapeshifting animal companions, and alternate dimensions down. It’s deep, dark, (and the initial movie should be ignored).

IT is the last big-ass super adult novel that I read, and boy did it not disappoint. Not only is this book volumes more terrifying than both of its film versions (no disrespect to Tim Curry or the youngest Skarsgaard), but it has some straight up trippy sequences. There’s allusions to the creation of the universe, and lots of talk about what could destroy a being of pure evil, but a nice edible will keep you from getting too creeped out.

The Interrupted Journey is a super eery book about the true story of Betty and Barney Hill.  The couple mysteriously lost time for a few hours driving through the mountains, and eventually concluded what must have happened to them was an encounter with a UFO. The book includes lots of details provided by Betty Hill, but was written by their skeptical psychiatrist who believed only that they believed what happened. Still, combining this story with a joint, and a previous listen to Art Bell’s interview with Bob Lazar, Area 51 whistleblower… and you might become a believer, too.

Any creepypasta. Truly, if you’re just looking to smoke a bowl and freak yourself out, there’s endless scary stories written by the online horror community. These become reposted and spread virally, as ‘edit copy paste’ creepy stories. There are stories so good on here, I still get freaked out if I think about them for too long.

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