Music has the power to tap into deep-seated emotions tucked away in our subconscious and elicit a visceral response. Hip-hop, especially, can energize the listener with its bombastic beats, deep bass lines, spit-fire rapping, and toe-tapping grooves. Whether you smoke whole flower or dab full-spectrum concentrates, these hip-hop tracks can help cannabis unleash the floodgates of feel-good neurotransmitters. 

1. Danny Brown – “When It Rain”

Danny Brown is known for his off-the-wall, insanely fun live shows, and unconventional beats. Danny Brown showcases his eccentricity and ingenuity on “When It Rain” from his 2016 release Atrocity Exhibition. Eclectic producer Paul White incorporates delayed drum beats, high-energy synths, esoteric samples, and a dark and cloudy atmosphere. Brown’s flow maintains a blazing speed and hypnotizing dexterity throughout the track. His lyrics about daily life struggles merge with an EDM-laced hook in a final and riveting crescendo. 

2. Run the Jewels – “Talk To Me”

Run the Jewels has multiple albums worth of hip-hop songs that can get you in a good mood. “Talk To Me” from their Run the Jewels 3 album, is a raging and gripping track. Rip-roaring drum fills back a bouncy bass and crunchy guitar riffs as Killer Mike and El-P’s flow seamlessly glides through the funky beat. “Talk To Me” stokes the flames of our modern political divide with bold and combative lyrics railing against politicians and the rich.

3. JPEGMAFIA – “1539 N. Calvert”

JPEGMAFIA is a provocative and electrifying rap artist who tackles social and political issues with a sharp and dark sense of humor backed by his many experimental and innovative beats. In Veteran, the opening track, “1539 N. Calvert,” sees JPEGMAFIA tone down his signature anarchic sound in favor of a smooth and chill beat. JPEGMAFIA’s hungry and defiant attitude oozes disdain for oppressive groups such as the alt-right and white supremacists in general. This fiercely intense track can launch a psychedelic assault on your eardrums.

4. Brockhampton – “Where the Cash At”

From the start, Brockhampton’s “Where The Cash At” emits a dynamic and energetic mood with its driving drums and sparse and woozy synthesizers. Merlyn Wood and Matt Champion alternate bars with ease and provide hyped adlibs to amp up the energy level. While you’ll find slower jams on their discography, Brockhampton drops a scorching hot hip-hop track about their past exploits before the fame and notoriety.

5. RBL – “Bammer Weed”

RBL Posse was a San Francisco-based rap group from the 90s that made its claim to fame with its first release, “Don’t Give Me No Bammer Weed,” referencing low-quality weed full of stems and seeds. A jazzy and funky beat back the group’s lively and explosive flow and lyrics about only smoking “dank.” Anything else is not worth it. “Bammer Weed” is the perfect anthem song to listen to while smoking a joint with your friends or taking a big fat dab.

Weed and hip-hop go hand in hand. Cannabis has consistently been a conduit for creativity among rappers, producers, and musicians of all stripes. Listening to or creating music while high can be a meditative and relaxing experience, but can also infuse a burst of energy and motivation if the song is right. What are your favorite hip-hop songs to listen to while high? What’s your favorite strain to smoke while listening to music? Let us know in the comments section below.

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