Higgs prerolls are a nice little surprise with every click of the lid. Sleek and profoundly attractive with eye-catching colors, opening the package is just as pleasurable as smoking the contents. They look inconspicuous and will only be recognized by smell. Higgs prerolls are a cute, trendy way to get a quick smoke session in. The convenient small size makes it great for traveling and taking with you on the go. Higgs prerolls were designed with the delicate eye of the artist in mind. If aesthetics are your passion, Higgs prerolls are sure to impress.



I got my Higgs prerolls from the Buddha Company. The pack of six prerolls cost me $40. The Buddha Company is a dispensary in Downtown LA near the Fashion District. Higgs is from Venice, California and they are a lifestyle brand. It’s surprising that such finesse and elegance, as well as attention to detail, would come from a lifestyle cannabis brand. They have two variations of their prerolls: an indica and a sativa. The sativa comes packaged in a white box and the indica in a black box.



The Higgs prerolls that I purchased come packaged in a little black box with pink and turquoise trim. They also come with a book of matches and a Higgs sticker. They come with six in the box. The tip is not your typical RAW Brand. They’re stylized with the Higgs logo in corresponding color with the box. They’re rolled a bit thinly, but they come out to 3.5 grams per pack. They smoke fairly evenly but they almost always end up canoeing or burning on one side. Towards the end, they’re a bit hard to pull. This could be due to being packed too tightly on the end. Overall, there was great attention to detail in the design of the packaging, but there could have been more scrutiny when it came to the actual craftsmanship of rolling the joint.


I’d been using the Higgs prerolls as a little pick me up on my lunch break. They’re super convenient and work effectively. The effects of the Higgs prerolls leave consumers feeling relaxed, hungry, happy, euphoric, and calm. It’s strongly scented, so choose your sesh carefully if discretion is the key. It’s also nice Higgs does not create too much smoke which aids a little in discretion. The flavor is very pleasing and complex, with a hint of citrus and earthy notes that balance each other out perfectly.


Overall, I like these prerolls but don’t know if they’re something I’d purchase regularly or even a second time. They were cool to try and convenient to have while I was working. They work fairly well and take the labor out of rolling. I like rolling however and don’t think I’d switch to these permanently. For entertaining friends or impressing strangers, Higgs prerolls are the perfect union of classic art deco style and cannabis. This is for the trendy smoker. If you care a lot about appearances, the Higgs prerolls are the ones for you.

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