What sort of words does your mind evoke when “wedding cake” is mentioned? Romance? Stale, under-flavored, over-hyped dessert for the aesthetic? Delicious, thick, buttery, tasty goodness? Depending on the bakery, it could be either. When selecting your cannabis strains- it’s the same deal. You can know what sort of terpenes should be present in a specific strain, but that batch’s quality will depend directly where and how it was grown, harvested, and processed. I had the opportunity to try a fancy slice of Wedding Cake- from a private, indoor batch. Being the best possible scenario for trying a strain, I feel it’s important to note, because I was quite smitten with Wedding Cake. No major pun intended!

This hybrid is reflected well by its namesake. A tasty treat for whatever sort of day you’re having, you’ll probably crack a few smiles once you hit a joint filled with this delight. The pretty bluish leaves in my batch had me thinking I should be conservative with my first few hits, and I’m glad it did. Too much of a buzzy sativa can have me talking a little too much, easy for my extroverted personality, so I need to pace myself to not scare off my more mild-mannered friends. It’s alert, fun, and relaxed enough to slow down your time if you’ve been feeling rushed. I personally feel like even the most stimulating cannabis should give you a little bit of chill (unless you’re in the grips of a panic attack). This is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a lower risk of that paranoia, that will relax you but keep you articulate. It may even relax you to the point of improving your expression.

It should be especially noted, given the romantic name, that this is a particularly sexy strain. I cannot say if it’s the placebo effect of knowing that you just smoked a strain named after a celebratory sweet to denote a loving union between 2 people… but if you know you’re going to get down with a significant other, or maybe have a smoke sesh with a crush, Wedding Cake is a must try. The love you feel when high with Wedding Cake is such that you’ll be ready to cuddle up and get handsy. A sexy high is one that makes everything particular tactile- you want to get your hands on your babe and get wrapped up in the sheets. Honestly, it’s still pretty sexy even without a partner! I love to smoke a half-joint and get acquainted with myself for personal time, and it’s easy to get up in your head and get lonely, but Wedding Cake didn’t do me like that. It’s a pleasant, emotive, lightening-of-the-spirit feeling, and I’d recommend it if you’re trying to get in that lovey-dovey mood… even if you’re not having a date night! I for one, love feeling the love, and would be happy to come home and wake up to this strain most days.

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