Lilac Diesel true to its name by flavor, but will take you on a gentle ride ending most likely in a dreamless sleep realm, with your traveling buddies Snacks and More Snacks by your side. All joking aside, I was surprised that such a delicate sounding strain would knock me on my ass so hard, but maybe that’s also unfair. The calming, sedating high comes on gradually and gently, not surprising, but the sort of high that might take the occasional smoker off-guard.

This hybrid leans harder on its indica genes, but upon first smoke might mislead you into feeling like this high could keep you going all day wrong. You’d be wrong. Or at least, I was. Thankfully, I didn’t hit this too many times as a wake-and-bake strain, and on those days, I definitely laid in bed scrolling longer than I intended. Once I figured that out, I tried to save my Lilac Diesel for closer to bedtime- at the very least until I was home from work and had my pants off.

The many parent strains give this hybried an interesting, varied high, and unique taste. The most distinct notes for me were the Diesel, and its fruitier counterparts Lemon Haze, Forbidden Fruit, and faintly that Cherry Pie. Yeah, lots going on here! When I read all the sources of Lilac Diesel, I was less surprised at the journey it took me on. To call it a journey feels dramatic when this strain mostly makes me want to lie down and read for 10 minutes before falling asleep.

That initial burst of euphoria and seemingly buzzy feeling had me feeling quite in a good mood until I smoked more. The strong, bodily high is just what I would suggest for muscle, menstrual or nerve pain, or insomnia. I like to try and make myself go-go-go as much as possible, and it’s a necessity to slow down and get quality rest now and then. I don’t like to admit it, but every now and then, a hybrid that I wasn’t banking on feeling like an indica is what I need rather than want.

Hybrids in general make me hungrier than sativas, and I got those late-night munchies. Not amazing if you’re trying to control your food intake pretty tightly; I lost count of how many dates I ate smoking a bowl of Lilac Diesel. Thankfully, they were just dates and not Cheetos. Better choices, right?

Overall, I would absolutely go for Lilac Diesel again as an awesome post-party smoke. It’s perfect for the last hour of the night, and settles the mind well. I would love to take a joint of this strain with me on a night out, and save it for the last half hour of dancing and partying, and then in the car on the way home, grab a few tacos, then hit the hay hard. If that joint accidentally got lit up at the start of the night? I might be bailing early to go find those tacos and get home to re-watch the Rihanna fashion show from my couch.

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