On his travels through Colorado, a friend told me I should have him pick me up a few cartridges since they would be decently cheaper, but all the great brands I was already purchasing. Always happy to try a new brand or strain for a lower price, I happily said yes. I love to see what other states are feeling, and learn about their operations. One of the brands he brought me was Denver’s own Batch Signature Extracts Sativa.

When I initially received this cartridge, the great vaping scare of 2019 had yet to hit, so I didn’t have much of a concern about the oil’s origins, just that it was at least a sativa and it was reasonably priced. A whole gram for less than $60 was pure music to my bargain-obsessed ears, but upon doing a little more research on the brand, I was glad they came across my radar. Being what I would consider a “hip” millennial, anytime a product is created in a “hand-crafted, small batch” method, I’m interested in it. Their website describes a bunch of artisanal-like phrases that really sells the idea of cannabis made mindfully without the bells and whistles. For example, the fact that they don’t manufacture specific strains beyond indica, sativa, and hybrid, focuses on simplicity, rather than the craziest high you can get. While its info does not tout the brand as Certified Organic, they do not use any harmful additives or dilution agents that other brands might be using, and contributing to the crisis over vape-related deaths. I like that Batch Signature Extracts is choosing to cut everything extraneous from its small line in pursuit of getting to the root, if you will, of the varieties of cannabis.

That said, the sativa pen hit quite strong.

I had a good headrush of a clean high after just 2 sufficient hits. The flavor tasted a little on the fruitier side, but not so strong that I’m confident exactly what those terpenes were, but it hit fairly well and didn’t have me hacking up a lung. Their sativa blend had me feeling chattier and more expressive without giving me the extreme giggles, and I liked using it as a good pre-workout puff to take the edge off of the gym. I do feel usually like most sativas can blend well into an evening time smoke, but I wouldn’t keep hitting this pure sativa right before bed. While it certainly wasn’t like a cup of coffee, I did find my mind wandering while laying in bed when I wanted to be asleep, and more so on the evenings where I mindlessly hit my vape, forgetting that there was a pure sativa locked and loaded. If you need your mind to be reaching into its depths for ideas and your inner recesses of thought, this is a solid sativa. Absolutely give Batch Signature Extracts a shot. If you’re from California, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the quality and quantity for price- and in these frightening times, you won’t want to be shorting yourself on quality.

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