We’re in October, despite the persistent heat from where I type. The leaves are turning orange, scary movies are playing, and those evening porch joints should be accompanied by a sweater. In this tenth month of 2019, what are the stars suggesting you think about?


Libra’s themes: We’re in the peak of your season, Scales, and as much of the year as been, your birthday month continues to see you concentrated on the logistical concerns of budgeting. Making things that need to happen for your family should not have to fall totally on you- especially around your birthday, make sure your loved ones can give you the support you need and they want to provide.

Cannabis to try: Strains for managing stress, boosting mood, even having fun when you deserve it. Classic Grandaddy Purple in just a few hits is great for zapping the body with a melting relief and chill high. Durban Poison is a hybrid more appropriate to let you run your life, but in a more euphoric way.


Scorpio’s themes: Check yourself before you stir the pot, Scorpio. You’re not at all afraid of confrontation, and you may even feel justified in calling someone out, but you need all your facts first. Assumptions create misinterpretations and hurt feelings, and that’s not always the move.

Cannabis to try: Strains for vulnerability, open communication, temper management. A stable mood and calm mindset is a common feeling with Cannatonic, a strain I frequently suggest!


Sagittarius’ themes: If you’re trying to make plans in a group, and finding it cumbersome, don’t forget the hard times that you thought you wanted solitude but you actually needed socialization. You’re never afraid to go solo, but remember how valuable friends and team members are.

Cannabis to try: Strains for mood elation, socializing, interconnection. Not that you particularly struggle with these traits, but you’ll feel happier working together smoking Sunset Sherbet, a carefree, sweet strain.


Capricorn’s themes: Saying yes to a big, exciting project may seem like a no brainer, but don’t jump in so fast without considering the impact working on it could have on your life. Taking on a task is your jam, but make sure you’re ready to put in the work necessary. Ask yourself if its worth your energy!

Cannabis to try: Strains for calm, meditation, focussing the mind and making sound choices.


Aquarius’ themes: It’s an exciting time for you, Aquarius, and lots of fun! However, work and securing the bag is never far from your mind.  If you’re out on an adventure, don’t let any business fall behind while you’re living your life.

Cannabis to try: Strains for energy, enjoying fun and business, motivation to get it all done. Alien OG is a strong hitter for muscles at ease, but also an increase in mental activity.


Pisces’ themes: You’re never afraid to share, Pisces, but as you’re doling out your emotions and stories, take in the feedback and hear it. Are you singularly distracted over a new idea, trend, or desire? There might be other issues more in need of your attention.

Cannabis to try: Strains for relaxation, mental calm, stilling anxiety. Lemon Skunk comes on strong with its positive and stability inducing chill. It’s one of my favorites for taking care of my to-do list while steadying nervous feelings.

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