Slowly but surely, terpenes have become a household name within the cannabis community. These essential oils are the ultimate deciding factor on how your Cannabis products will smell and taste. Terpenes are currently being used to thin out vape oils and added to joints to add a flavor boost. They are also a big selling point of extracts as the higher the terpene % usually = more flavor. There have also been multiple studies done that show terpenes along with THC and CBD can create an entourage effect and actually have a direct result on potency levels for different individuals.


Recently, I’ve been seeing a plethora of products named “Terp Sauce” that actually isolate more of the terpenes and the other day I found a new terpene heavy extract in the Dutch Treat Terp Wax from Mantis Extracts aka Errl’s out of Washington State for $25 USD a gram. Not only did this Terp Sugar look absolutely stunning but it also had a massive terpene level of 21% which left me beyond excited to sample her. To give you a little background, Dutch Treat is a mysterious Indica-Dominant Hybrid that was created by well-known breeders Jordan of the Islands but has no specific lineage background on it.


I decided to sample the Dutch Treat Terp Sugar in my Rooster Apparatus Fritted Disc Bong and as soon as I opened the jar it was as if I was in a Pine Forest as the aroma of this extract was thick. At first glance, this sugar was a bright orange color and absolutely glimmered in the light like amber diamonds. I almost felt bad dabbing her as she was so beautiful and as I dug my nail into the Dutch Treat I was surprised to find this Terp Sugar to be thick and not as sticky as I like. I was still able to scoop a nice sized Dab, but it took a little coaxing which I found a bit disappointing. Once the dab made contact with my quartz banger I could instantly taste the Dutch Treat’s heavy Earthy Pine notes that stayed on my tongue well after exhale. This was absolutely delicious and truly took my breath away. As for the stone, it wasn’t devastating but it hit hard and I felt it from head to toe. By no means was this a couch-lock stone as I was somewhat functional and able to do some work so definitely not a narcotic fade. As for my pain and anxiety, I found the Dutch Treat Terp Sugar was wonderful for alleviating it. I felt very relaxed and pain-free for a good 2 hours and slept great that night.


In the end, I was very pleased with the Dutch Treat Terp Sugar however at a price point of $25 I thought it was a little steep for the quality. When it came to her strength and potency I found the Dutch Treat to be a decent stone but nothing to write home to mom about so I gave it an 8.9/10. In terms of flavor and pungency, this where the Dutch Treat Terp Sugar earned her stripes. The heavy Pine profile was delicious and also had an earthy diesel finish that I absolutely loved. I probably took three Dabs in a space of 15 minutes as I had to keep tasting the terpenes so I gave the Dutch Treat Terp Sugar a score 0f 9.8/10 making it one of the tastiest extracts I’ve sampled this year. I probably wouldn’t purchase this again unless the price comes down a bit but I would recommend you try it at least once if you see it in your neck of the woods.

dutch treat terp sugar

dutch treat terp sugar

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