If you’ve taken a look at the extract shelf in your local dispensary recently, you’ve probably noticed a ton of sauces. From Terp Sauce to Diamonds and Sauce and Live Resins, there are a plethora of these thin terpene loaded treats to choose from these days. On my recent trip across the Columbia River into Portland, I found a new product I’d never seen in the Cookies Cured Sauce from Artifact Extracts out of Eugene, Oregon for a reasonable $25 USD a gram. To give you a little background, a cured sauce is an extract that is produced after the cannabis flowers have been dried vs. live resin, which is produced while the flowers are still fresh off the plant. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find what cut of Cookies this sample was but chances are it is either the Platinum Girl Scout Cookies or possibly the Forum Cut.


Now at first glance, this sauce was absolutely beautiful. As I looked at her in the light it was as if I was staring at some actual liquid gold. The resin had a beautiful shine to it and many little crystals throughout the sauce. Once the jar was opened, I was instantly hit with the aroma of lemon and diesel with a hint of pine. The terpene profile wasn’t as bright and prevalent as a live resin but still had a wide spectrum of mellow tones to it. I decided to use my Toro Glass Bubbler and as I dipped my nail into the sauce I was very pleased with the consistency. It wasn’t too thin, as I was able to easily grab a nice sized glob. As soon as the dab hit my quartz banger, I could taste her heavy gas and citrus flavors and upon exhale, I was instantly hit with the Cookies high. This was some strong gear and immediately I found myself sweating from my forehead and unable to open my eyes. The stone was instant and heavy and left me looking for a place to sit down. Talk about a one-hitter quitter, this was serious fire and had me couch-locked and fully baked right away. The one hit had me ripped for a solid two hours and was heavily medicinal. Not only did the Cookies Sauce relieve my back pain, but I also found it to be the perfect strain for stress and relaxation as I melted into my chair and didn’t have a care or worry in my mind. My only warning is this stuff isn’t for the rookies unless you want to babysit and also be prepared for some serious munchies as I tore through my cupboards, eating everything in sight.


The Cookies Cured Sauce was a delicious, narcotic treat. In terms of her flavor and pungency, I truly enjoyed the diesel and lemon flavors it delivered. The terpenes weren’t as strong as most live resins as this extract was cured but I still gave it a score of 9.1/10 as it had a nice taste that lingered on my palate well after exhale. When it came to her strength and potency, this is where the Cookies Sauce shined. This was seriously one of the heaviest samples I’ve tried all year. After just one hit, I was beyond baked and for that reason, I gave the Cookies Cured Sauce a score of 9.8/10 as it was without question one of the strongest extracts I’ve sampled in quite a while. If you happen to see the Cookies on a shelf near you, don’t hesitate to grab it up as you will not be disappointed.

cookies cured sauce

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