Cannabis has been a recreational drug of choice for me for years now. But for those who indulge in anything beyond cannabis, it should not be discounted for its medicinal use as the best hangover cure. I don’t partake in alcohol too much these days, but I think most casually partying adults have had a rough night or two. Whether you’ve been drinking too much, or maybe enjoying any other extracurricular activities… I use the cannabis comedown recipe:

The first thing I recommend for feeling right the next day, after at least a solid 6, is a solid wake and bake. Hopefully, I’ll have a pipe and a little jar of nugs ready to go by the nightstand. I’m not picky about strain type, so sativa or indica work both for me. I would justify indica by the need for a soothing, bodily remedy, and sativa by the need for a spritely, awakened high to get moving. If there’s water in my tall hydro flask (that any partier should responsibly fill and place next to their bed, as a favor to sober, next-day self), I’ll chug that in between pipe hits. Hydration is everything, people, and so important for staving off headaches. You can have the strongest medicinal, pain-destroying flower rolled and ready, and dehydration will still make you its bitch. While replenishing liquids, I’ll take this moment to do some light scrolling on social media, perhaps post something cute if I have any cute photos from the night before.

I’ll then move my gradual wake up party to the living room, where I’ll turn on a reality show on my watchlist, or preferably some news program like Last Week Tonight at a low volume, as to feel I’m not being a total bum. Who watches cartoons on Sunday at noon at the age of 27? Even though I must not feel that bad about it, because it’s a habit I do enjoy regularly. Of course, I’ll continue packing one hitter bowls ever so often, in between brewing tea or coffee. If I have food, I’ll eat whatever is on hand. As if getting high was a prerequisite to wanting breakfast for a hangover, it certainly does help if you were experiencing any nausea hours earlier. Without the healthier option of rice cakes, I might feel so inspired to order in or venture out for brunch. Cheap if I’m alone (T bell, I love you), and bougie if I have a breakfast bud (chicken and waffles or french toast, please).

After I’ve digested the ridiculous meal, and saved a few delicious bites for later, I like to lean toward the sativa strains so I can get at least something done. Who doesn’t have laundry to fold, work to catch up on, or even just a light workout or some self care? For me, I need a high that won’t put me right back down to bed so that I can write, or rarely, but just as importantly, do a quick workout with some restorative yoga.

Whatever you need to do to feel like a human being after a rough night, cannabis has always had my back. For those who consider cannabis to only be part of the party, I would implore them to look at why medicinal marijuana was a thing way before we all were allowed to smoke it for fun, at least on the West Coast. Next time you go to hard, a low dose of cannabis might be the thing you need to not hate the next day.


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