The Pacific Stone Fruit Strain is a colorful and effective indica strain with a multitude of uses. Consumers will fall in love with this strain from the first smell. The fruity flavors and resulting relaxing body high makes for a great strain any time of day. We recommend this strain to any consumer looking for a high-quality flower from a local sustainable brand that isn’t too expensive.



Pacific Stone was started in Southern California. All of their products are homegrown and nothing is outsourced. Pacific Stone cultivates, cures, and packages all their cannabis products so that it goes straight from the source, to you. Located in Santa Barbara on the Pacific Coast, Pacific Stone is dedicated to bringing premium quality cannabis to people at a low, affordable price. They sell pouches of flower as well as prerolls. The pouches vary in weight with 2g, 3.5g, 7g, and 1 oz being the available options. I got 7g of their Fruit Indica for $30 as part of the weekend deals from Kushagram delivery service. The batch I got tested at 12.01% THC. Pacific Stone has a few strains of each variety. Some of their strains include 805 Hybrid, Berry Hybrid, Frost Indica, PR OG Indica, and Diesel Sativa.



The Fruit strain by Pacific Stone is reminiscent of the Forbidden Fruit strain but not quite as strong. The PS Fruit strain has buds that range in size from small to extra large. The colors that are most prominent in this strain are green, purple, and orange. Some of the nugs are completely purple. Some of them are green with orange pistils and shades of darker green. Some of them appear green until you crack them open to reveal a purple center. It’s a very beautifully bred strain. The smell is twice as enticing as the appearance. There is definitely a very fruit scent to this bud. It smells like a mixture of strawberries, blackberries, green apple, and oranges. The flavor is equally as sweet. It’s almost like eating Jolly Rancher’s candy.


The effects of the Fruit strain leave consumers feeling giggly, relaxed, euphoric, happy, hungry, and calm. I found myself very relaxed after consuming this strain. I got really into activities involving friends or video games. I wasn’t too inclined to doing anything that required a lot of labor or intense focus. There’s a tendency to space out for periods of time after consumption of this strain. That means getting incredibly lost in Instagram or Youtube videos. Consumers dealing with appetite issues may find this strain to be amazing at boosting appetite. Be prepared with snacks and drinks for the munchies sure to come when trying this awesome strain.



Pacific Stone is a super accessible brand all over California and Los Angeles county. I like how their strains are broken down into a few different options for each variety. It makes it easy for people who know nothing about marijuana to learn about the different types and aid them in deciding which works best for them and their needs. It also gives consumers a wide range of premium quality flower to choose from rather than the same tired three strains. Lastly, the bud is dank. Period point blank. Try it.

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