Any weed connoisseur knows that a good blunt is a surefire way to knock you on your ass and eliminate any stress or negative feelings. Blunt Weed’s Caesar hybrid is a potent strain that packs a punch and is guaranteed to crush insomnia, depression, pain, and more! The Caesar hybrid strain is a heavy-hitting remedy to a plethora of ailments that is cost-effective and natural.



Blunt Weed is a brand carried by a lot of online weed retailers. I was able to get an eighth of this hybrid through Puffy Delivery for only $20. Blunt Weed is a creation of Trees by Game. The company was created by West Coast rapper The Game and boasts that their premium flower is all hand-picked by the rapper himself. Although the packaging mentions details like THC and CBD content, it fails to elaborate on what blend they use to create the Caesar hybrid. The Blunt Weed brand has a lot of great prepackaged strains like Mendo Breath, Super Glue, Purple Kush, Super Sour Diesel, and Ultra Platinum Cookies. All of these come in eighths for just $20.


The Caesar hybrid strain comes packaged in an eighth in a resealable, durable blue bag. The bud itself is dense and sticky. The Caesar strain has medium to large-sized buds that are bright green with deep olive highlights and orange pistils. It has a little bit of a sticky texture that leaves fingers slightly tacky. There isn’t a lot of residue from the trichomes left on the fingers. The layer of trichomes on the bud is fairly thin and unnoticeable.


The effects of the Caesar hybrid leave consumers feeling calm, tired, relaxed, sleepy, hungry, and forgetful. The effects of this strain lasted about 5 hours from the point of consumption. I found myself able to sleep soundly and even had a healthy appetite due to the munchies. The Caesar hybrid contains 26.88% THC, making it a great option for consumers concerned with pain, insomnia, lack of appetite, nausea, muscle spasms, anxiety, stress, depression, and more. Time goes by incredibly fast with this strain, so if you’re in a job you aren’t particularly fond of, try a bit of this before work and watch the hours fly by!


For low cost, high-quality bud, it’s safe to say that rappers may know a thing or two. Blunt Weed by Trees by Game is a revolutionary way to package and deliver dank bud for a reasonable cost. I’ve never heard of anywhere selling an eighth of anything good for $20, until I tried this. I underestimated its power the first time trying this and ended up asleep for four hours afterward. The next few times I smoked this bud I was able to balance the levels correctly and still feel all the great effects while continuing about my day. I really dig this Blunt Weed brand and will make a point to try some of their other strains. You guys should have Caesar in your rotation by now, and if not, check out Puffy Delivery or Weedmaps to find the nearest dispensary or delivery service that carries Blunt Weed.

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