Prerolls. Either you love them or you hate them. Both of which are valid feelings. When you get a shitty preroll, it makes you reconsider all the times you ever thought prerolls were cool. When you get a great preroll, you start to reconsider your negative ideas on prerolls. The Inhalence White Lightning prerolls, although small, have an impressive impact and the quality is pretty good compared to the prerolls dispensaries are practically throwing out when they include them in your bag. If you’re a fan of quick, non-intensive smoke sessions, these prerolls are for you. If you’ve never tried a preroll, you may want to consider Inhalence when shopping for a decent brand.



The Inhalence brand sells a variety of prerolls, prepackaged flower, and pre roll packs. They have a lot of great strains like Afghani Bullrider, Gorilla Glue, Strawberry Tangie, Purple Punch, and of course White Lightning. I was able to get a pack of 7 of the White Lightning prerolls for $42 from Puffy Delivery. Consumers in the LA area can use Weedmaps to find a delivery service or dispensary near them. The White Lightning prerolls are a sativa dominant hybrid.


The Inhalence prerolls come packaged in a black and blue box labeled with all pertinent information like THC content. The prerolls are separated into their own plastic tubes for easy transport. The Inhalence prerolls are made with RAW filters. Inside the preroll is roughly half a gram of flower. This is a relatively small amount that should be perfect for new smokers. There isn’t a prominent scent I can put my finger on with this strain.




The prerolls are labeled as an indica and work very much in indica fashion. The effects of the prerolls leave consumers feeling relaxed, calm, happy, hungry, and tired. The fatigue only really sets in about 30 minutes post-consumption. Depending what you’re doing at the time and your tolerance level this shouldn’t affect you too much. These are a great little treat before bed to ensure a restful night. They’re great for treating insomnia as well for those restless nights. I found myself mostly using these as a little pick me up on my lunch breaks. The White Lightning Inhalence prerolls are easily portable and quite discreet.


The Inhalence White Lightning prerolls were a good idea that could’ve been executed a little better. The prerolls themselves are quite small for the price you’re paying. For a little less money and bigger, better quality joints, get Lowell Farms prerolls instead. The Inhalence prerolls are good for a quick little smoke sesh but otherwise, there isn’t much potency to them. I wouldn’t recommend these for veteran smokers but rather those who may have just started smoking and have a much lower tolerance. For a sativa dominant hybrid, the White Lightning strain is just as you’d expect: uplifting and calming. I’m a fan of productive highs during the day and these prerolls are a good idea for a quick pick me up. Let us know how you like them in the comments below!


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