Jah Kush is an indica strain meant for the most veteran of smokers like Bob Marley himself. This supposed Northern California native is an optimal option to relieve stress or tension and offer a great boost in mood. Jah Kush is great for when you want to be in a mellow state but still function the same as if you were sober.



The Jah Kush strain is said to originate in the Northern California region after a clone brought in from Oregon was created. The genetics of the Jah Kush strain are shrouded in mystery. Though currently unknown, some best guesses are that it resulted from a cross between Light of Jah and OG Kush or Jack Herer and OG Kush.



The nugs of the Jah Kush strain range in size from small to medium. The nugs are dense and tightly packed which is characteristic of indica strains. The bud is relatively easy to break up with the hands with a little bit of effort. A grinder is recommended for better consistency for rolling or for those interested in collecting kief for other projects. There is a light layer of trichomes covering the bud, making it glisten in direct light. Jah Kush has a bit of a sticky consistency to it but not so much that your fingers stick together. It leaves a bit of a tacky residue but it is nothing a little hand sanitizer can’t fix. The aroma of the Jah Kush strain is a bit difficult to pinpoint. It possess a musky odor with a hint of citrus and other herbal notes, like pine, that may be a bit pungent for consumers concerned about discretion.



The effects of the potent Jah Kush strain leave consumers feeling relaxed, happy, sleepy, hungry, giggly, and euphoric. The Jah Kush strain is great for consumers dealing with anxiety issues. I found it to be very beneficial for managing my anxiety during the day without making me too lethargic to go on about my day. The effects of the Jah Kush strain are dynamic without being overwhelming. It begins as a pseudo sativa crush which passes after about 30 minutes, making way for the remaining calm throughout the rest of the high. The lingering effects lasted longer than any other strain I’ve tried to date: about 4-5 hours. This is of course dependent upon the users tolerance level and may be higher or lower for another consumer. Some of the normal noted side effects of this strain are dry eyes and dry mouth.




Although not many details are known about this elusive strain, Jah Kush has managed to make itself a success story that continues to be told to this day. Jah Kush is a must try for any cannabis aficionado or self-proclaimed stoner. With its exceptional tastes and aroma and hard hitting effects, it’s a no brainer that this strain has gained such popularity throughout the cannabis community. I’m really glad I got the opportunity to test out this strain and suggest anyone who comes across it not to pass up the chance to experience this dynamic and effective strain.

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