Jesus OG is a dank smelling indica dominant hybrid that needs to be on your radar. Not only does this strain have an incredible, refreshing scent, it packs a potent punch that’s sure to leave any unsuspecting soul on their ass. With a sturdy THC content of 20-28%, Jesus OG is a strain that was bred to please veteran smokers.



Jesus OG is a strain that was bred by Subcool’s the Dank and it results as a combination of Hell’s OG and Jack the Ripper. There are a variety of breeders who’ve tried their hand at this strain, most notably West Coast seed bank and TGA genetics. The ultimate goal was to produce a strain that was both fruity and bright with citrus flavor while still embodying the traditional Kush flavor. I was able to get 8 grams of this awesome strain for $50. Consumers interested in getting a hold of this strain will be able to find it easily using apps like Weedmaps and Eaze.


The Jesus OG buds are all fairly small in size. The small to medium sized buds consist of flowers that clump together in a tapered spade-like shape. Though the nugs are small, they are incredibly dense and fragrant. The tightly packed structure of the bud is due to its indica genetics. A thick layer of trichomes cover the bud as well. A grinder is recommended for this strain due to its potential difficulty to break up with the hands as well as for consumers who enjoy collecting kief for other projects like edibles. The most apparent fragrance that pops out with this strain is citrus and lemon. The smell is very bright and refreshing with a hint of a tangy, slightly dank undertone. The smoke itself is pleasant and not harsh, while leaving a bit of a herbal, citrusy aftertaste.



The Jesus OG strain is a great nighttime strain but experienced consumers may find it easy to use this strain throughout the day. Jesus OG is another one of those strains with a sky high THC content: an average of 20-28%. The effects of the Jesus OG strain have a quick onset and tend to linger for a few hours after consumption. The effects of the Jesus OG strain would be effective to assist with stress, PTSD, depression, anxiety, and even attention deficit disorders.




On paper, Jesus OG is an outstanding strain that has no faults. In reality, you need to try it to know that everything everyone’s been saying is absolutely true. Jesus OG provides a deep relaxation that is a fan favorite among indica lovers. Consumers interested in trying their hand at growing this strain can obtain seeds from TGA Subcool or obtain some trimmings from mature, healthy plants to grow clones. Jesus OG is a forgiving strain for novice growers because it can thrive both indoors and outdoors. It’s well worth the 8-9 week wait, but if you can’t wait that long, I suggest hitting up your local dispensary.

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