The Hardcore OG strain is an indica strain that a variety of stoners would be satisfied with. The Hardcore OG strain is a must try for indica fanatics as well as novices who are interested in trying out the effects of a stronger strain without feeling overwhelmed and avoiding the potential for overmedication.



The Hardcore OG strain is a pure indica strain I purchased from a local dispensary. This exclusive strain packs a punch both aromatically and in its effects. This indica dominant cross is a result of the crossing of Big Bud and DJ Short Blueberry. Developed in the USA before being brought to the Netherlands in the 1980s to survive the War on Drugs, Big Bud is a legend among growers for its high yields in the garden. DJ Short Blueberry on the other hand is an energizing hybrid of old school landrace genetics. Hardcore OG provides a mellow high that is both functional and calming. At a price of $40 for 7 grams, the Hardcore OG strain is an affordable and accessible option that is effective for a variety of consumers. This California bred strain produces thick coats of resin that can be extracted and used for concentrates and waxes.



The Hardcore OG strain presents itself in the form of medium sized nugs with a few smaller, dense nugs throughout. The bud is slightly sticky with a thin coat of trichomes covering it. The bud is bright green with flecks of orange and gold pistils scattered throughout. The scent of Hardcore OG is potent enough that a sensitive nose may be able to smell it through the packaging. It’s recommended that smokers with discretion concerns take precaution so that the smell is concealed well.



The effects of the Hardcore OG strain leave consumers feeling sleepy, relaxed, euphoric, happy, and have an increased sense of general well-being. This strain would be great for consumers looking to relieve stress, depression, headaches, ADHD, insomnia, anxiety, and other mood issues or minor athletic injuries. Due to its moderate THC level, the Hardcore OG strain is super versatile and allows for a wide range of medical marijuana users to find a positive use for it. I found myself to be a bit more forgetful after using this strain. This strain is best recommended for times when you don’t need to have the utmost concentration or don’t have anything of importance planned for the day. The main negative associated with this strain is dry mouth, which unfortunately is highly unavoidable with any cannabis strain. With a THC content of 28%, this indica is sure to knock out any forms of pain and induce the best sleep of your life.



Overall, the Hardcore OG strain is a great strain to try for intermediate smokers who want to experience a more potent high without feeling overwhelmed or skipping straight to the big guns before being prepared. This dank strain is a descendant of two titan parent strains that lend their potent effects and pungent scent to its baby. Those with the pleasure of experiencing this strain are sure to have their minds blown.

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