The VVS vape pen is for those who like to medicate in style. A sleek design coupled with an impressive concentrate makes for a beautiful smoke. Whether you’re looking for something discreet that still hits or just want to try something different than traditional flower, the VVS pen is for you. This pen is comparable to taking a dab but in a portable fashion.



The VVS pen comes packaged in a black and rose gold box. The pen itself is a shiny rose gold that reflects light in the sun. The pen is roughly the same size as a Stiiizy and similarly doesn’t require pushing a button to take a hit. According to the packaging, 125 servings is packed into that one small pen. I really enjoyed the portability of this pen. It’s small size makes it easy to fit in a pocket or purse and carry around throughout the day for whenever the need for a hit arises. The pen requires no charging or filling. You can effectively take it out of the box and begin using it right away, unlike a Stiiizy.



Blueberry Diesel has a very distinct taste. The blueberry flavor really comes through in the VVS pen. The flavor is very pleasant and a few hints of danker diesel notes shine through upon the exhale. The taste is overall very clean and clear. There isn’t too much going on in that department, which I suppose is a good thing. This may be due to their extraction method used when creating the VVS pens.


The VVS pen hits pretty hard for a vape pen. Those used to lower end batteries like the Stiiizy will be pleased to find that the VVS hits 3 times as hard. It’s not necessary to pull hard with this pen or even hit it for a very long time to produce a substantial hit, similar to a dab. It’s recommended that new consumers start with only two or three hits at first and waiting about 15-20 minutes before medicating more. The Blueberry Diesel is a bit of a creeper in that aspect and the potential for overmedication is high due to underestimation of the potency.


For a seasoned smoker, the VVS pen won’t last longer than one day. In retrospect it seems like 125 servings is a lot of smoke sessions, but if you’re sharing this pen with friends rather than keeping it as a personal like I did, it runs out extremely quick. For the amount of money you’re spending on this pen that will end up in the trash, it’s probably best to just go with a traditional flower. It’s cool for a novelty item or to give someone as a gift who doesn’t really smoke that much. The main hype with the VVS pen is that you’re paying for the name and the fancy rose gold disposable pen. Ultimately, it’s a good decision for someone looking for something discreet and high quality. Everyday consumers may want to try a lower end disposable before trying out the VVS disposable vape pen.

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