The Joe’s Lemonade strain is a citrus flavored sativa bred by Dark Horse Genetics. This sativa strain is an incredible mood booster as well as a great relaxation aid. Consumers dealing with mood issues or hyperactive disorders may benefit from using the Joe’s Lemonade strain. Joe’s Lemonade was designed with sativa lovers in mind. This strain is a breath of fresh air and anyone offered this strain shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to give it a try.



Joe’s Lemonade is a sativa strain bred by Dark Horse Genetics packed with a slew of lemon flavored terpenes. This sativa variety from NW Roots can be cultivated easily indoors or outdoors. Growers can expect a medium yield from this strain with a short 8-9 week flowering period. Joe’s Lemonade is created by crossing Lemon Skunk and Alien Kush F2. There is also a variety known as Joe’s Lemonade F2 which is a double cross of Joe’s Lemonade, making it a sativa dominant hybrid. Growers can expect a 9 week flowering period for this variety. Neither of these strains were ever available as feminized seeds.



The Joe’s Lemonade strain looks a bit unassuming at first due to its incredibly small buds. However, once the container is opened, you’re hit with the pungent and tart smell of pink lemonade. This sativa’s incredible citrusy scent is what enticed me to purchase it. The nugs are super dense and pretty difficult to break up with the hands. To get the most out of this bud and preserve the integrity of the oils it’s recommended to use a grinder for this strain. This would be a great strain to bake with. Fruity and citrusy baked goods like tarts and cakes could benefit from the unique flavor profile of a bud like this.



The Joe’s Lemonade strain is a perfect daytime strain for starting your day or whenever you need a little boost throughout the day. From the bright, citrusy scent, to the very first toke, the Joe’s Lemonade strain wakes you up and gives consumers a great boost in energy that will carry you for the next few hours. The effects of the Joe’s Lemonade strain leave consumers feeling happy, relaxed, stress free, euphoric, giggly, and hungry. It’s recommended that consumers have a meal after using this strain to avoid falling asleep after consumption. It’s unlikely that will happen in the first place, but to avoid feeling “hangry”, eat something. A variety of consumers could benefit from using the Joe’s Lemonade strain and its long lasting effects are sure to please even the most critical of medical marijuana users.





Overall, Joe’s Lemonade is the perfect strain for sativa lovers and consumers who enjoy productive highs. It’s not often that I look to a sativa strain when thinking about the next smoke session, but this one has definitely earned a top place in my short list of sativas. The delicious smell and the uplifting and positive effects make it a strain everyone needs to keep in the rotation.

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