Mr. Nice is an indica strain that doesn’t play nice. Veteran smokers will rejoice in the potency of the Mr. Nice strain. Although the nugs are small and unassuming, they pack a huge punch that isn’t to be underestimated. Also known as Mr. Nice Guy, the Indica dominant hybrid began as a limited edition strain from Netherlands based Sensi Seeds. 2nd place title holder at the High Life Cup in 2004, Mr. Nice is a powerful and classic strain that’s a must try.



Mr. Nice results as a cross between legendary strain Government 13, aka G13, and the Hash Plant. Mr. Nice had previously been unavailable since the 80’s but Sensi Seed Bank has put the strain back on the market in 1999. The strain is named after Oxford graduate, activist, and cannabis breeder Howard Marks, who became one of the largest cannabis smugglers of our time. After his stint in federal prison, Marks released an autobiography called “Mr. Nice.” The rest is history. Originally called G13xHP, Netherlands based breeder Sensi Seeds renamed it Mr. Nice upon release in the late 90s.



The Mr. Nice strain presents itself in the form of small popcorn nugs. The nugs themselves are quite dense and tightly packed, characteristic of indica strains. The nugs are dusted in a light layer of amber trichomes that coat the fingers when touched. A grinder is recommended for better consistency when using this strain. The strain typically grows short and compact with dark green leaves that produce a large yield after a relatively short flowering period of 60 days. The flavors of this strain are characteristically in line with indica strains. It has a predominantly strong spicy and sweet hash flavor due to parent strain Hash Plant.



The Mr. Nice strain possesses a lot of the common effects associated with indica strains like an increase in happiness, a general relief from stress and anxiety, a boost in appetite, assistance in falling asleep for those with insomnia, and depending on the dosage it could be a great aid for minor aches and pains. Its sleepy qualities also make it a solid choice before bedtime, but monitor your dosage, as high-THC varieties can over stimulate some minds. The most noted negative effects of the Mr. Nice strain are cotton mouth and dry eyes. In higher doses it may cause paranoia and anxiety.




Named after a man who is heralded as one of the “most sophisticated drug barons of all time”, Mr. Nice is a formerly limited edition strain that’s come back to bless us one more time. Mr. Nice is a great nighttime strain that may be beneficial to consumers suffering from insomnia. This hybrid strain provides a strong, mellow high suitable for a variety of consumers. Although an experienced grower is needed to cultivate this strain, it’s well worth the 9-10 week flowering period. Even if you don’t plan on attempting cultivation, Mr. Nice is a strain consumers can easily get access to using apps like Weedmaps and Eaze. RealFunctional approves.

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