Rodeo OG is a dank top shelf strain with powerful effects and versatile benefits for a variety of consumers. Rodeo OG is super frosty and provides consumers with a mellow, euphoric high. This strain is recommended as a nighttime strain and may be beneficial for users who suffer from insomnia. It’s a must try for any indica lover. Next time you stop at the dispensary to pick up, look out for Rodeo OG and be sure to have that in rotation at the next sesh.



Rodeo OG is a top shelf indica strain that I purchased from a local Hollywood dispensary. The strain is potent while still being cost effective at 8 grams for $45. Rodeo OG is pretty versatile and can be taken from day to night. It’s best used as a nighttime strain but users with higher tolerance levels may benefit from use throughout the day. The exact origins and parent strains of the Rodeo OG strain is unknown but its possible OG Kush is part of its lineage, lending its indica characteristics to the bud.


The Rodeo OG strain is a super frosty and fluffy looking bud. The attractive bright green practically bursts off the flower, only muted by the thick layer of crystal white trichomes on top. A few orange hairs peek out here and there, but mostly it’s a sea of pale green nugs. The nugs range in size from small to medium. The nugs are incredibly soft and pliable. There’s not a sticky texture to it so it doesn’t create a tacky residue on your fingers. The bud is easy to break up with the hands but a grinder is recommended for more speedy and consistent work.



The effects of the Rodeo OG strain leave consumers feeling relaxed, happy, sleepy, hungry, and euphoric. The effects tend to longer for 2-4 hours depending on dosage and method of consumption. Rodeo OG is best suited as a nighttime strain although users with higher tolerance levels may find it easy to use throughout the day. Rodeo OG is a great strain for sharing with friends on a night out. It’s not too heavy to where users will feel lethargic but provides a great sense of general well-being and calm.




The Rodeo OG strain is perfect for consumers that want a great aid for stress or insomnia. This strain is a good nighttime strain although consumption can be sustained during the day for consumers with higher tolerance levels. The strong, uplifting effects coupled with the intense relaxation typical of indica strains makes this a well-balanced indica dominant hybrid strain. I probably wouldn’t purchase this again personally just because of the incredibly small size of the nugs. I don’t tend to use a grinder and feel consumers would get the most out of this when using a grinder. Let us know how you like it in the comments below!

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