With endless consumer options whetting the cannabis user’s novelty-driven whistle these days, it’s easy to forget about basic, less shiny options. As a Californian currently residing abroad—and very, very far from the excitement, protection, and bliss of legalized cannabis—I am often tempted by the shiniest, prettiest, most outrageous items in the dispensary. I’ve been swayed like Homer by the calls of the flashy weed sirens. On my recent, very short visit back to LA, though, I was ready to fall back on my tried and trues. So, I ignored the new flavors of chocolate bars, wellness elixirs, and perfect prerolls, and went straight for the medicinal stuff: softgel oral capsules.

I know that my choice may seem overly clinical and—gasp!—even boring. And to be frank, there’s nothing flashy about TetraLab’s oral soft gels. But therein lies the beauty of the product: dosed to scientific perfection, a good softgel capsule provides reliable, tested dosage in an easy, no-fuss form. Sure, your options for edibles these days abound—whether you’re craving sweet or savory, California’s legal adult consumption laws put clients firmly in the role of a kid in Willy Wonka’s Weed candy store, so to say. Sometimes, though, despite the endless options for something new and innovative, a reliable way to medicate proves true the stoner’s approach to the theory of Occam’s razor: the easiest way to a great high comes through the simplest method of consumption.

TetraLabs GoldCaps have long been my gold standard (see what I did there?) for easy, on-the-go, discreet, and precise dosing. Despite evermore precise technology that helps consumers to ensure proper dosage, I’ve found effects to vary widely between products. This rings true the loudest among the category of edibles. My experiences with TetraLabs products have been remarkably reliable, meaning that I can best dose for my needs, plans, and routines—every time.

GoldCaps, which function much like an edible in timing and dosage, come in bottles of 15 capsules. To the layperson, the golden-hued, small capsules look just like vitamin E, and omit no trace of smell, making them perfect for travel or discrete medicating. In fact, their unremarkability is, according to the company, the magic of the softgels’ design: “it’s what you don’t see that counts,” claims TetraLabs, and these transparent little guys include “only ultra-pure natural cannabinoids and grape seed oil.” One can choose a dosage of 10, 25, or 50 mg of THC; for those looking for a CBD option, GoldCaps are available in a 10-10 mg CBD/THC capsule as well as a 10 mg CBD-only pill.

Of course, while your mileage may vary, GoldCaps have become my standard in edible excellency because they are reliable, easy, and affordable. After dosing with a 25 mg capsule on a somewhat empty stomach, I can expect at least six hours of medicated relief that eases physical tension, improves appetite, and enhances my social and creative sides. The effects come on slow and steady, meaning that I get the effects I expect each time I dose.

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